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Presentation delivered by Kristian Andersen at The Combine 2010 in Bloomington, Indiana.


  • 1. Day Jobs: President of Kristian Andersen + Associates Co-founder of Pathagility Co-founder of TinderBox Co-founder of Gravity VenturesInvestments: Apparel Media Group Healthx Compendium Blogware Last Piece Software Dos Banderas Patronpath Formspring.meTinderBox Formstack Valor Medical Gravity Labs Vontoo

2. Great Experiences convert... over time.Quick wins can lead to slow losses. 3. The truth about how your body works, and how you can gain control over your weight, energy and happiness. A by John Porten FEW SIMPLE FACTS 4. Twitter: kristianindy eMail: kristian@kaplusa.comLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kandersen1 Crunchbase:crunchbase.com/person/kristian-andersenWeb:kaplusa.com