Design For The One Little Thing That Changes Everything

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So much of the news about technology is that it's bad for us - it's tapping in to our worst possible selves, it makes us anxious, we get caught in a dopamine loop. We'd just be happier without it. Or would we? Maybe, just maybe, there are things that make us happy when we use a favorite website and tap into a trusted mobile app. A combination of data, little things, not-so-little things, social science, experiments, and real life uncovers some moments of truth about happy user experience, including a short list of patterns, across sites and apps, that make people happy.


<ul><li> Design For The One Little Thing That Changes Everything Pamela Pavliscak @paminthelab </li> <li> We think that Big Things Will Make Us Happy </li> <li> Credit: ThinkGeek Monkeys We seek Adventure </li> <li> We desire Fortune Credit: Fat Face &amp; Me </li> <li> Credit: Yuko Honda We seek Perfection </li> <li> We crave Fame </li> <li> In design, we think Maybe Innovators Know Happiness </li> <li> We really Dont Know What Will Make Us Happy </li> <li> Source: Change Sciences People say this makes them happy online Not too busy Beautiful and colorful My favorite sites are easy to use It has to be simple &amp; clean Convenience above all else </li> <li> Source: Shutterstock parallax simple authentic food cats infographics video mobile responsive clever flatbyod IoT big tiles typography Designers think maybe this (for now) </li> <li> We sometimes Dont Remember What Made Us Happy </li> <li> Source: Giles Colborne ModCloth something dresses something tchotchkes awesome retro fashion pic unknown Draw your favorite site from memory </li> <li> Credit: Github Shop We remember where we focus Attention </li> <li> We remember the Feeling </li> <li> Rated Better Than Other Sites Source: Change Sciences HappinessRatingAfterUse Amazon Expedia CBS WebMD Ally Aetna HGTV eHealth Chase Apple Kayak PBS Priceline Bank of America Citi Best Buy n=7000 We feel happy, we think a site is better </li> <li> Actually, Little Things Make Us Happy </li> <li> Special Treats make us happier </li> <li> Shared Moments add up to joy Credit: Todd Williamson </li> <li> Credit: Angie Hu Follow the principles Autonomy Variety Friendship Continuity Credit: Peter Haugen Little Surprises bring delight </li> <li> As in the rest of life Little Things Make Us Happy Online </li> <li> Online study 250 sites 7000 people </li> <li> Field research 450 people #pandatime </li> <li> Experiments with informed consent, of course 50 people Credit: British Airways </li> <li> meh delighted wowzahappycontent ( - - ( ( ( ( ( ! ! All the happinesses </li> <li> Not just Delight </li> <li> 1 happy moment = 5% increase in happiness rating More happy moments, more happiness Source: Change Sciences n=7450 </li> <li> We are h (app) y when we feel Smart </li> <li> AUTONOMY I can do this </li> <li> Source: Change Sciences Time Success not so happy happy More time without success, less happy </li> <li> CONTROL I feel less anxious </li> <li> MASTERY Ive got this down </li> <li> There is a trick to it but now that I know the trick, I tell everyone. -M, Boomer, Wired </li> <li> Source: Change Sciences EaseofUseCombinedScore 65 Happiness starts here Without easy, there is no happy </li> <li> Design so I can be Independent </li> <li> We want to feel as if There Is a Real Person in There </li> <li> Most big companies sound like they are talking to themselves about themselves. -F, Boomer, Wired </li> <li> AUTHENTICITY It feels like a real conversation </li> <li> RESPECT You know there are boundaries </li> <li> CARE Youve got my back </li> <li> one night stand complete stranger fling secret affair enemy casual acquaintance stalker - prey guru - disciple teacher- student Source: Harvard Business Review annoying acquaintance fleeting acquaintance star -groupie dealer - addict villain-victim online friends marriage on the rocks ex-friends marriage partners love-hate best friends teammates buddies old friendscolleagues siblings neighbors former friends PRICE MARKET SHARE It doesnt have to be complicated </li> <li> Design as if we are Friends IRL Credit: Natalie Downe </li> <li> The sites that make us happy Engage All Our Senses </li> <li> + + + = Everything is amazing and no one is happy We tire of what once made us happy </li> <li> PLAY I can try things without risk </li> <li> One minute Im just playing around and the next thing I know its a credit hit. -M, Boomer, Wired </li> <li> VARIETY You surprise me a little </li> <li> CURIOSITY I always wondered </li> <li> Credit: Kris Krug No Shame </li> <li> The last thing I want is to feel bad about myself because I clicked on something. -F, Millennial, Wired </li> <li> Design for the Thrill of the New Credit: Hootsuite on Instagram </li> <li> We feel most satisfied when there is Continuity </li> <li> Help, its a trap! Its not about getting through the funnel </li> <li> CONNECTION You know there is no digital / real divide </li> <li> CURATION You help me discover myself </li> <li> Even though I know its an algorithm, somehow it feels personal and human. -M, Millennial, Influencer </li> <li> ASPIRATIONAL You speak to the better me </li> <li> I feel a little bit cooler just having been to the site, like maybe Im in on a secret. -F, GenX, Influencer </li> <li> Design for Past, Present &amp; Future Credit: The Sherbet Patch </li> <li> When we are happy and we know it We Really Do Show It </li> <li> Source: Change Sciences A little happy--------------------------------------------------Really happy Happy people want to explore Greater happiness, greater engagement </li> <li> Source: Change Sciences Happiness Recommendations More happiness, more recommendations </li> <li> Source: Topsy + Change Sciences Happy sites 65+ social sentimentLess happy 45 social sentiment Happy feeling, happy talk </li> <li> Great happiness, greater likelihood to return Likelihood to return Source: Change Sciences HappinessRatingAfterUse Amazon Expedia WebMDChase Home Depot Delta Priceline Bank of America US Bank Best Buy Kayak CBS T Rowe Price Hotels.comUSAA Humana </li> <li> Keep finding the Little Things That Make Us Happy </li> <li> Measure Before, during &amp; after </li> <li> weeks days hours minutes now now minutes hours days knowing smile now anticipation happy spot afterglow fond memory The Happy Experience Continuum </li> <li> Pay attention to The Small Touches </li> <li> Take the pledge Happiness First #happyfirst </li> <li> H A P P Y Practice Design Pamela Pavliscak @paminthelab </li> </ul>