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  1. 1. 08 91 00/CONBuyLine 1006
  2. 2. 9 Our louvers are MBDCCertified. C/S LEED APscan help you determinethe most environmentally1 Our louver experts arefriendly louvers for youravailable nationwide,project and helpwherever you are, to help with LEED10 We developed the first you to the best C/SLouver for your project. 60extruded aluminum louver. C/S has a 60- year track record of innovation and excellent performance. YEARS Hows that for peace-of-mind.8 All C/S Louvers use recycled aluminum and can be finished in our environmentally 2 C/S can provide the friendly powder airflow and rain defensecoat finishes. you need with virtually any look you can dream up. Consult us to see what is possible.The C/S Louver Advantage 10 exclusive reasons why C/S Louvers are the right choice7 No wavy louvers! C/S doesnt under engineer the structurals. You can be sure our louvers will never look like this. 3 Well help you decide which of our louvers meet your ventilation 6 C/S provides signed and sealed requirements. You can engineering calculations to consult directly with usassure architects, contractors in person, or use our4 C/S provides complete projectand owners that all connection online airflow calculatordetails and drawings, so there points and bearing loads 24/7 at no surprises. Youll knoware approved.what you specified is what yougot. Your contractor will knowthe order is complete andwhere everything goes. 5 C/S provides architects andcontractors with the most costeffective louvers to do the job.Well guide you to the rightlouver at the lowest cost.Cover: OHare Airport, Chicago, Illinois2 3
  3. 3. THE C/S LOUVER DIFFERENCE Collection chamber shows C/S engineers the louver effectiveness at stopping wind drivenIntake fan simulates rain. Blade adjustments can be made quickly.buildings air handlingOnly C/S can prove that your louvers equipment.will perform in the real world. 2 All C/S Louvers are tested in our exclusive test chamber. The C/S Test chamber enables our engineers to test our designs, or your designs, under real world conditions.Wind driven rain simulatordirects vast quantities ofwater at the louver. Up to 19" of water per hour. 2Air HandlingThe equipment directly behind the louver and how 1much air it requires is a major design consideration. Wecan supply the correct louver to meet your requiredeffectiveness at the required core ventilation rate. Aesthetics Hiding louvers behind stone, marble, grillages and glass Achieving maximum airflow Hiding louvers behind the primary facade is a 1 and minimum water entry C/S specialty. Through the use of our test chamberLetting air in and keeping water out is a real we can quickly get performance data to you andbalancing act. The C/S Test Chamber allows usmodify the louver spacing to accommodate yourto quickly modify blade shape and spacing to needs without affecting your exteriors design.The external wind generator canproduce hurricane force winds up toprovide you with the performance you require.90 mph creating wind driven rains.45
  4. 4. RAIN DEFENSE The Problem With Conventional Louvers The flat design of conventional louver blades does little to prevent wind driven rain from passing through them, even in sheltered areas. Rain Wind driven rain in conventional louver tests allow 48 pints of water to pass through a 4 x 4 louver in one hour at 30 mph velocity. C/S Storm Resistant Louvers Stop Rain and Prevent Costly Damage. The C/S Wind Driven Rain Test Facility (pages 4-5) allows C/S to analyze the performance of all of our louvers. Through experimentation with bending wind, C/S Engineers have designed horizontal and vertical louver systems that allow air in buildings while keeping water out. This horizontal louver is designed to twist the incoming air twice to maximize water removal. Rain water is collected in the horizontal blade drains. Dont let leaky louvers These louvers are up to 100% effective atshut down your building. stopping wind driven rain.Does rain fall straight down? Most rainstorms are accompanied by windmany times This vertical louver is generally morestrong wind gusts. The resultwind driven rain, serious internal water problems, and effective at removing water.devastating effects on the performance of the building. To prevent problems allC/S Louvers are tested in our exclusive test chamber. Up to 100% effective at stopping wind driven rain. 7
  5. 5. AIR FLOWGet The Right Louver Every TimeWith The New C/S Online Airflow Tool. Construction Specialties,Inc. certifies that louvermodels shown herein areSpecifying louvers on free area alone licensed to bear the AMCAseal. The ratings shownare based on tests and can cause serious problems.procedures performed inaccordance with AMCApublication 511 andcomply with requirementsof the AMCA certifiedratings program. TheThe principle reason for using louvers is to move air. How do you know if the AMCA certified rating sealapplies to air performancelouver you specify will actually deliver the air volume the engineer called for?ratings and waterpenetration ratings.History has shown that sizing and specifying louvers based on free area alonecan cause problems for architects and owners alike. The illustrations on theseAMCA CertifiedTo prevent airflowproblems specifypages explain what to do to prevent under or oversizing louvers.Modelslouvers using bothA4097static pressure dropand free area.A6097A6155DC-5304DC-6174When You Specify a 50% Free Area Louver, What Are You Really Getting? DCV-5704DCH-5704Free area is affected by the size of the louver. In the example below thelouver design is identical, only the size has been varied. TheGS-407 8industry typically quotes free area using a 4 foot square louver. GS-410In reality louvers are never precisely this size.GS-607GS-6104LS-1008 55.8 % LS-100/4080LS-1052 39.5% 450 % FREE AREARS-7705 2 FREE AREA RSH-5700FREE AREA RSV-5700RS-2300RS-4605The C/S airflow tool @ takes the guesswork out of louver RS-5300selection. Get the correct louver, free area and pressure drop every time.RS-5605Other Factors Also Impact Airflow123 RS-7305RS-8400Louver frames add resistance SPECIFIEDto airflow. Mullions, structuralACTUALLYRS-8615supports, bird screens and insect screens alsoreduce airflow. 50% FREE AREA 31%RS-9615A4080FREE AREAA4085Choose the louver modelThe calculations will appear For complete information on the A4100-A4120and input the louvers width,revealing the louvers free area louver that meets your criteria,A4105-A4125height and wind load criteria. and pressure drop. click on Details, Specs and Photos.A4110-A4130A4115-A41358 9
  6. 6. AESTHETICS How will louvers impact your buildings design? Color, texture, size, shape, mullions, continuous line these are just some of the aesthetic options open to you when designing your louver system. Choose from the blade styles below or design your own. TheOne Raffles Quay, Singapore Architect: KPF following three pages show how some of these aesthetic options couldProduct: Custom Continuous look on your building.Ask about our Line Storm Resistant Louvers powder coat finishes. C/S is concerned about the environment. Our louvers use recycled 9th & Stewart Life Sciences Building,Northwestern University, aluminum and we use an advanced powder coat finish that defends Architect: MBT ArchitectureRobert H. Lurie Research Center, the louvers against windborne abrasives and corrosive atmospheres.Product: Drainable Louvers - A4097 Evanston, ILArchitects: HOK , Davis Brody Bond C/S exterior powder coat finishes contain no solvents, emit no "VOCs"Product: Continuous Line Louvers - A6115 and provides one Innovation LEED Credit.Blade StylesDoes your design call for horizontal or vertical blades? Do you want an unbroken architectural line or areChildrens Hospital of Philadelphia,mullions acceptable? Whatever blade style or depth you require, C/S can supply it.Philadelphia, PAArchitects: KPF and BallingerProduct: Continuous Storm ResistantLouvers - RS-7315 4" Architectural Line 6" Architectural Line4" With Mullions4" Vertical Line Shape10
  7. 7. Louvers Selection Chart ModelsAesthetics Pgs. 10-14 Rain Defense Pgs. 6 & 7 Airflow Pgs. 8 & 9 How to use this selection chartLouver LouverHorizontalVertical ExposedContinuous Custom Approx. Blade BladeLouverWind Driven Rain ResistanceFree Area TypeModelDescription Blades Blades MullionsLine FaceSpacing (in.) Angle (in degrees) Depth (in.) Low High 4 x 4 8 x 8RS-8615 LOCATION SMARTYes No NoYesYes 4" 45 8"53.3%56.6%RS-4605 VERTICAL No Yes NoYesNo2"N/A4"53.3%54.7%RS-9615 LOCATION SMARTYes No NoYesYes 4" 45 9"59.1%61.5% Aesthetics:RS-5605 VERTICAL No Yes NoYesNo1"N/A5"59.1%51.0% Decide what you wantStorm RS-4300 CHEVRONYes NoYes NoNo2-1/8"N/A4"47.1%50.4% the louvers to lookResistantRS-7705 CHEVRONYes No NoYesNo3-7/8"N/A7"50.5%52.8%Pages 14 & 15 like on your building.RS-5300 CHEVRONYes NoYes NoNo2-3/4"N/A5"47.3%51.5% Horizontal or vertical blades? UninterruptedRS-2300 INVERTED CHEVRON Yes NoYes NoNo1-1/2"N/A2"42.1%44.0% louver line or verticalRSH-5700CHEVRON SIGHTPROOF Yes NoYes NoNo2"N/A5"45.8%47.9% breaks? A 2" louver bladeRSV-5700CHEVRON SIGHTPROOF No YesYes NoNo2"N/A5"42.1%44.0% providing no shadow lines or a 6" louver with heavy shadow lines?A4080/A6080 30 STD. Z BLADE Yes NoYes NoNo4" / 6"30 4" / 6" 54.0% / 56.1%57.0% / 58.0%A4100/A6100 STD. Z BLADE Yes NoYes NoNo6" / 6-13/16"45 4" / 6" 46.0% / 48.0%50.0% / 52.0%A4110/A6110 STEP BLADE Yes NoYes NoNo6" / 6-13/16"45 4" / 6" 46.0% / 48.0%50.0% / 52.0% Rain Defense:A4115/A6115 CONTINUOUS STEP BLADEYes No NoYesNo6" / 6-13/16"45 4" / 6" 46.0% / 48.0%50.0% / 52.0% Does it matter if rain GS-410/GS-610 FORMED STD/STEP BLADEYes NoYes NoNo4-1/2" / 6-1/4"37 4" / 6" 43.0% / 46.0%47.0% / 51.0% enters your building?A4097 DRAINABLEYes NoYes NoNo4" 37 4"50.4%54.9% Would rain entry cause water sensitive equipmentA6097 DRAINABLEYes NoYes NoNo6" 37 6"52.1%57.9% t