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Collateral damage studios portfolio 2013

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Portfolio for CDS featuring the artworks of our teams of illustrators

Text of Collateral damage studios portfolio 2013

  • 1. Who are we? Unofficially in action since 2007 Known as Collateral Damage Studios but we like the ambiguity Kaleidoscope! Regional showcase for illustrators 10 men (and women) strong Nine illustrators, one manager Mostly hobby but freelance on the side
  • 2. Where are we? Based in *scape HubQuarters Almost all major anime- manga conventions and fan events Superscenic 2 at Kinokuniya Orchard, Basheer Graphics and AFA Shop Online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • 3. What we do Draw. And have fun doing so Promote Japanese-pop- culture illustration Promote local appreciation for illustration
  • 4. The Growing Reputation
  • 5. Portfolio Character Concept Game Concept Illustration Comics Live Drawing
  • 6. Character Concept Internet Explorer-tan Artist: WaHa
  • 7. Character Concept Hobby Frontier Mascot Client: Hobby FrontierArtist: WaHa & Setsuri
  • 8. Character Concept Little Red Riding Wolf Artist: WaHa
  • 9. Character Concept Magical Students Artist: Semi-Shigure
  • 10. Character Concept Harry and Maia Client: Competition Commission of SingaporeArtist: IdleErrant
  • 11. Games Little Fisherman, Ikoi! Client: Dillion TanArtist: WaHa
  • 12. Games TCG Mage: The Balance Client: Lance II ListerArtist: IdleErrant
  • 13. Games Dreams of the Skies Visual Novel Client: IDHAS StudiosArtist: Setsuri & Haimerejzero
  • 14. Illustrations Project Mira Client: Enigma DivineArtist: Haimerejzero & Xeph
  • 15. Illustrations Iota Soul Client: Iota SoulArtist: IdleErrant
  • 16. Illustrations Kamicon Client: KamiconArtist: Xeph
  • 17. Illustration + Graphic Design Ikeda Spa Prestige Poster Client: Ikeda SpaArtist: Xeph
  • 18. Illustration + Graphic Design Genetrics T-Shirt Client: Genetrics GatheringArtist: IdleErrant
  • 19. Comics Freed! Client: Competition Commission of SingaporeArtist: WaHa & IdleErrant
  • 20. Comics A Warm Dinner Artist: WaHa Client: Winnie Leong
  • 21. Live Drawing Faber Castell Demonstration Client: Faber CastellArtist: Setsuri, Semi-Shigure, Haimerejzero & WaHa
  • 22. Live Drawing Cannes Finalist Activation & Outdoors 2012 Client: Oglivy & Mather, Artist: WaHa, Setsuri, Semi-Shigure, Haimerejzero, Xeph & GreenTeaNeko
  • 23. CDS Statistics 5728 likes since 2009 1515 followers from Singapore 1048 followers from Philippines 348 followers from USA Majority Male 18-24 (39.5%) 354 followers since 2010
  • 24. So what can we do for you? @collateralds

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