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  1. 1. CONCRETE JUNGLE The green strip observed in this picture is found in the surrounding area of Bogotas airport. Elsewhere, there is little green to be spotted.B O G O T A10 of 14 WETLANDS in Bogota are drying out.Although a newfound awareness on the amount of Green areas Bogota needs, architects, designers and local authorities must include them into their plans.WHAT CAN WE DO?Landfill, mishandled debris and solid residues, negligence and vandalism have endangered these ecological parks.
  2. 2. GREENWAYS Looking for a greener and fresher city, we could Incorporate hundreds of kilometers of greenways such as this one This illustration from the North Arm Trail Greenway in Vancouver is a nice depiction of how Id love to see more of our street here. North Arm Trail Greenway, Vancouver Renders done for Enrique Pealosa, by Luisa Brando.How about a greenway or bicycle highwayevery other street?Buildings with green facades make for pretty sights, although not sure about their functionality. Landscaped rooftops could become a norm as well as saving wetlands, like the picture of the Biesboch in Dordrecth below. ETHDordrecth Landscape Design Studio.
  3. 3. CAR DEPENDENCY According to an Andes University poll, the average person in Bogota spends 70minutes aday commuting in traffic. A total of 18 days a year.300,000 cars may be sold in Colombia a45% of those are sold in Bogota alone. Roughly140,000year. The average speed in Bogota is 15m/h. The slowest avenues register speeds as slow as 7m/h. Still people want to keep acquiring cars.WE NEED A PARADIGM
  4. 4. TRANSIT CORRIDORS Green Transit Corridors with designated bus lanes, protected bike lanes, broad sidewalks, lots of trees and outdoor space for commerce would be very sexy.Bogota has many rivers running through it, normally buried underground and occasionally appearing in canal-like forms. Like the Cheonggyecheon River promenade in Seoul, these can become walkable paradises for citizens.Renders done for Enrique Pealosa, by Luisa Brando.Creative and colorful linear parks like the Superkilen Park in Copenhagen created by Topotek 1 architects and Superflex artists. A beautiful playground with bike lanes, plenty of space for recreation and well being for all ages. Why not imagine the possibility of having every other street with a bicycle highwaypedestrian promenade...some with bus ways.


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