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Bijoux by Art Gallery Fabrics

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Style your home and life as an elegant caravan, decorated with gorgeous textiles and beautiful items crafted by your own hands. Experience Bijoux with its bohemian influences and gypsy-like spirit.

Text of Bijoux by Art Gallery Fabrics

  • 1. 2012 ART GALLERY QUILTS, LLC - No part of this product may be reproduced in any form unless otherwise stated. These designs are not intended for commercial use and any projects made with them cannot be put for sale. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2. FASHIONpatterns like the Ma xi Dress a nd the Ma xi Skirt a re great options for this orga nic lookvolu minou s silhou ettes a re a mu st when it comes to the bohe mia n look! the more la yered the better!Bijoux is a collection from the imagined life of a traveling free spirit and her elegant caravan decorated with gorgeous textiles and the beautiful itmes she has acquired along her travels. 3. CHILDRENS The Bijoux collection explores bright colors like magenta and emerald, fused together with gold and creme, perfect for young girls and teens. Accesorize with fabric rosettes or handmade bandanas with your favorite prints.Fringes, fringes, fringes! Patchwork purses are a must when it comes to this Bohemian-styled collection. Combine an array of colorful prints with intricated, quilt-inspired designs for a gypsy-like feel to all your traveling accessories.HANDBAGS 4. lots a nd lots of pillows is a mu st when it comes to this g ypsy ca rava ninspired collectionHOME DECORCreate a caravan-like ambience with various pieces of vintage thrift store finds, combined with vibrant prints like Dream Catcher Fuchsia, Divine Gypsy Ivory, and Bohemian Charms Honey.