9 Major Web Design Mistakes

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Have you ever wondered about the problems with your website? Here are some points that you need to stop immediately if you have in your website. These might be hindering your website’s productivity.

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  • 9 Major Web Design Mistakes You Need to Stop Immediately The design of your website has a lot to do for attracting your visitors, your customers and mainly the search engines. Websites that have proper layout designs along with perfect content on their webpages will rank higher in the search engines. But when beginners start working, they generally make mistakes for their site using HTML and CSS effects. If you are using your tags wrong you will receive a bad user experience. Here we will discuss some crucial points that that need to be stopped immediately if present in the website design.
  • Content is Not Clear If the content on your website is a good quality content but is not easy to read or is not very clear then it would be of no use. What is the use of writing informative and good quality content when the content is not visible to your readers? It might be because the color combination that you have used is not good. If you are using light coloured content over light coloured background, you cannot attract visitors on it. Always use a light coloured background and dark coloured fonts. It always looks nice and attracts your visitors easily. Clean and simple text on your homepage in the central area which could be easily visible will only get you potential customers and permanent clients.
  • Over advertising Advertising always irritates your visitors, especially when they are browsing through something important. These disturbing advertisements can make your visitors annoyed and they will leave your website before even landing to the home page. If you want to use ads always make sure that you are using ads that are beneficial for you. Do not take any chance. It is never worthy to earn from ads at the cost of the customer.
  • Complicated Graphics We always think to give our customers the best. For providing them with the best we always provide them more than required. Like it always looks good to have flash designs on your website, cute gifs on your page has always been a great idea but avoid the draw. Complex designs might take away the content from your website and might annoy your visitors and in result they will navigate from your site to some other website. The cleaner the website the easier it is to understand for the readers. If your page contains more gigabytes then it is better o remove it because it will take a little long to get loaded and will make your visitors move away.
  • Pop Ups Like advertising, Pop Ups are also irritating and they force visitors unnecessarily to juggle the multiple windows and pages rather than simply hitting the back button to return to the pages where they already were. Many people use pop-up block function on in their browser which means that they either have to approach each and every pop up site thrown at them. With all such pop ups the visitor generally miss the useful content on the website. One should always avoid using such pop ups because these advertisements generally contain dangerous spam.
  • Complicated Navigation Whether it is your menu, drop down menu or your website is having no menu at all try to provide easy content to your visitors for what they are looking for. Do not make your visitors struggle hard for finding the content they are looking for. It should be easy for your customer to navigate your website. You need very simple and menu for your website to make users feel that yes they are at the right place. Do not shove everything on your homepage. Leave something for inner pages too. Nobody go through a long page and nobody wants to read huge blocks. This thing will only force your visitors to move to the back button.
  • Avoid Automatic Music If your website is a music website and have songs in it then do not play songs randomly. It should not happen that a visitor opens your website and he/she is welcomed by a song. You have to decide when to play them. The best idea is to place a play button on the website and allow your users to listen to the songs. They will play their selves if they want to listen.
  • Do not make use of badges in excess When you use badges in large numbers it will make your website look very fussy. It will make them feel that you are promoting your website on your own very much. If you have a list of badges and you want to show it to your visitors and customers then try to fix few badges around your website and then place the rest of the badges inside the About Us page.
  • Do Not make use of HTML tables but use CSS Using HTML Tables is old fashioned now. One must grow with the technology. Consider using CSS in your web pages instead of using HTML tables. These CSS sheets are much faster than the Hyper Text Markup Language. CSS is considered as a much better layout as compared to HTML. CSS is used for formatting the content structure. HTML will enable you to have a webpage into your browser regardless of how it will look like but CSS will make it more beautiful.
  • Do not use CAPTCHA Filtering Having Captcha on your website always create problems for the visitors. So it is always advised not to use Captcha on your website. In case if it is compulsory to use Captcha for your website specially for stopping the spam comments or the email subscriptions then make sure that the words and the numbers are readable on it.
  • If you keep all these things in mind and stay away from all these web design mistakes it will help you in creating a simple, user- friendly and clean experience for the visitors of your website. Making your content clear and readable gives your visitors an incentive to return. They will definitely focus on the purpose of your website but not on any designs or flaws. Contact Us
  • Written by Kristy Bernales | @kristybernales | webdesignxperts.com.au