9 Awesome DTP InDesign Tricks You Haven’t Tried

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Desktop publishing can be a difficult preposition if you are a novice at logo design & graphic designing. The fact is that the overall idea of DTP InDesign Services is to communicate critical information efficiently.


<ul><li> 1. Copyright @2014 DTP InDesign Services. All Rights Reserved. Email: info@dtpindesignservices.com Voice (India): +91-794-000-3251 By: Martin Frank - Sr. Desktop Publisher Creative Design Solutions 9 Awesome DTP InDesign Tricks You Havent Tried Desktop publishing has become an invincible feature of business success and with the emergence of internet usage there has been a growing prominence felt in the areas of DTP InDesign Services. We see documents created for both print and &amp; electronics media. However, no matter how the final format is; quality content will always be a primary feature of emergence. Desktop publishing can be a difficult preposition if you are a novice at graphic designing. Not to forget, the fact that the overall idea of DTP InDesign Services is to communicate critical information effectively to target audience. Formatting, graphics, layout, and typography are all supplements to make the idea conceivable to the target audience. Look at the bigger picture but do not get too caught up with the details. The attention grabbing point is the content and if it is well-written and organized, half of the task of graphic designer is done. This article gives you several DTP InDesign tricks that have never been tried: Formatting Phone Numbers: Follow the steps given below to format phone numbers in DTP InDesign: </li> <li> 2. Copyright @2014 DTP InDesign Services. All Rights Reserved. Find what: d?[-. ]?(?(d{3}))?[-. ]?(d{3})[-.]?(d{4}) Replace with: ($1) $2-$3 Before: 8005550199 800.555.0199 (800) 555-0199 800-555-0199 After: (800) 555-0199 (800) 555-0199 (800) 555-0199 (800) 555-0199 Italicize Websites: The steps given below can help you italicize complete website: Find what: (?i)(http|ftp|www)(s+)(.gov|.us|.net|.com|.edu|.org|.biz) Change format: Italic </li> <li> 3. Copyright @2014 DTP InDesign Services. All Rights Reserved. The Font Selector: If you are conversant with all the fonts, it becomes very cumbersome and time- consuming to design a page. With help of font selector by DTP InDesign CC you can conveniently avail this feature. Let us look at the steps given below to use this feature: Highlight some text on the page, and then click on the font popup menu in the Control Panel. Please note that this does not work with the Type Menu. Select the font with the help of the mouse and press the Command or Option key if you are using Mac or Control or Alt key in case you are using PC to depict the selected text in that font. If you wish to try other fonts, release the key and press the up arrow key or down arrow key to scroll through the list. Click on the font that you like or press Return or Enter. Alternatively if you click back on the page without selecting a font or press Esc; your text will remain unchanged. Text Frame Auto Sizing: You might be aware of the fact that if you double-click a corner or side handle of a text frame utilizing Selection tool, the frame will resize to fill all the text in it. But what you may not be aware of is the fact that text frames can automatically resize as text is added or deleted. Let me show you how it works: Handpick a text frame, then select Object Menu &gt; Text Frame Options. Then click the Auto-Size tab. One you are in the Auto-Sizing popup menu, select how you wish the frame to automatically resize whether it is height only, width only or both. Fix a minimum width of height if desired and click on OK. Commence editing text in the text frame and watch it resize automatically as text is integrated or deleted. Converting All URLs to Hyperlinks: Creating hyperlinks in DTP InDesign is easy with the revamped Hyperlinks Panel in InDesign CC. But in case if your document consists of lots of hyperlinks it becomes very cumbersome to convert them one at a time. But there is a great trick in InDesign which helps in converting URLs to Hyperlinks with the help of Convert URLs to Hyperlinks feature in the Hyperlinks Panel. With the help of a single click you can now convert every URL in your document into a hyperlink. You can do this by following the steps given below: Open a document and select the text that consists of URLs that you would like to convert. Alternatively you can also select no text to convert all the hyperlinks in the document. </li> <li> 4. Copyright @2014 DTP InDesign Services. All Rights Reserved. Open the Hyperlinks Panel (Window&gt;Interactive&gt;Hyperlinks) and then click on the popup menu on the upper right-hand corner. Then select Convert URLs to Hyperlinks. Select the scope of your conversion: whether it is a document, story or selection. Then either finds and converts the URLs one at a time or simply click Convert All to convert all the URLs into a hyperlink. Make a Fast Grid of Frames: To generate a grid of frames, start drawing frame, but before you leave the mouse, press the right arrow or up arrow to add rows and columns of objects. To finish, release the mouse. In order to increase or decrease space between objects while drawing, press CMD if you are using Mac or Ctrl if you are using PC with right or up arrow while drawing. Make multiple objects the same size: In order to make multiple objects of the same size, first set the height and width of one object. Then select the residual objects and select Object&gt;Transform Again&gt;Transform Sequence Again Individually. To open an image in its original application (for editing): In case of MAC opt for Click or Alt-click for PC on the image on your layout to open it in its original application. Once you edit and save the changes return to InDesign to see the changes getting incorporated Swap the fill &amp; stroke colors of an object: Handpick an object and then press Shift + X. If you wish to swap the fill just press X or Stroke icon in the Swatches Panel. DTP InDesign Services offer comprehensive services with strict confidentiality and content security. Their graphic designers are well-conversant with the state-of-the-art software tools that help them to create and design tempting designs and materials that enhance your business performance and motivate your prospective clients. Brochures, leaflets or reports; they have the requisite tools to publish your material that is effective, efficiently. Visit dtpindesignservices.com for further information. Company Address: Hi-Tech House, Near Gurukul Tower, Gurukul, Ahmedabad-380 052 Voice (India): +91-794-000-3251 Fax (India): +91-794-000-3202 </li> </ul>


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