8 Unexpected Ways You Can Decorate with Washi Tape

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8 Unexpected Ways You Can Decorate with Washi Tape

8 Unexpected Ways You Can Decorate with Washi TapeEugene Chrinian

8 Unexpected Ways You Can Decorate with Washi TapeOne of the most popular interior decorating trends is washi tape, an adhesive material that is primarily comprised of natural materials such as the mulberry tree or bamboo. Hailing from Japan, this tape looks similar to masking tape but has the functionality of duct tape. However, washi tape has risen in popularity for more reasons than its practicality. It comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and this makes it a powerful design tool that can transform any room of the house. Here are eight unexpected places in your home that could benefit from a DIY washi tape redesign:

BlindsYou can use washi tape to refresh plain window blinds and give them a design upgrade. Depending on your existing color scheme, you can choose one or more colors to add to your blinds. When using multiple hues of washi tape, you should decide on a pattern to ensure that you create a more uniform application. When you are ready to begin, simply adhere thin strips of the tape to each blind. This will make for a seamless, colorful upgrade that you can easily change out for new hues at any time.

WallsWashi tape presents almost endless possibilities when it comes to creating beautiful wall decorations. For a simple solution to a bare wall, you can cut and affix long, thin pieces of the tape to the wall in a diamond pattern. Alternatively, you could add a touch of uniqueness by creating an accent wall covered with washi tape plus signs. Make sure to place them 5 inches apart for a more uniform look. However, you do not have to keep it this simple. By using several different colors of tape and some measuring equipment, you can design a striped washi wall decal that is sure to impress. One fun idea is to create a towering triangular shape to serve as a vibrant focal point in your living room.

Image by Sirah Quyyom | Flickr

StairsMany homeowners turn to wallpaper when they are looking to update the look of their stairs, but you can use washi tape to create an even more impressive design. Try giving your staircase a fresh, modern appearance by covering the steps with thick pieces of tape in black and white. Alternatively, you can create a unique stair runner on an otherwise bare staircase by running different colors and patterns of the tape down each step in a waterfall technique.

Kitchen cabinetsEven your kitchen cabinets can serve as a canvas for a washi tape upgrade. For a surprising decorative element, try cutting strips of patterned tape to place on the outward-facing edges of your cabinet shelves. With only this single material and a few minutes of your time, you will give the inside of your cabinets an instant design facelift that will delight you every time you need to grab a plate.

Image by Colleen Lane | Flickr

LampshadesWith washi tape, you can also add new design interest to all surfaces of your old lampshades. Try being bold by layering patterned tape across the outside of a lamp. The variety of textures, colors, and widths that washi tape comes in makes it the perfect material for this project because it lets you can customize your lampshade to the color palette of any room. If you want to create a more understated look, then you should use the tape to line the inside of the lampshade instead. Regardless of the pattern you choose, washi tape will make a creative and surprising addition to your lighting.

TablesReach for the washi tape when you want to customize an otherwise plain table. Whether you choose a desk or a side table as your canvas, you can use washi tape to create interesting stripes and patterns that bring all new colors to the surface. For a childs room, you could opt for vertical rainbow lines. You could adorn your own workspace with layers of washi tape in all different hues. To create a more varied look, try alternating between thick, medium, and thin tape strips. Washi tape is not permanent, but you can make your colorful finish last by sealing it with some lacquer.

Image by Pintoy WeLove | Flickr

DoorsOld doors can be quite uninspiring, but washi tape can instantly transform them into works of art. One way to upgrade your door dcor is to apply pieces of the tape in diagonal lines across the door. By altering the direction of the stripes and varying how many you line in a row, you will create an interesting pattern that will make your door stand out. To design an even bolder door, you can change up the width of the washi tape and use some thicker pieces for a hint of drama.

Picture framesOne of the most interesting and creative uses for washi tape is to make faux picture frames with them. A far cheaper option than purchasing actual picture frames, using this colorful tape is easy and will yield a beautiful result. You can create simple rectangles or use the tape to adorn your pictures with more interesting designs. With endless color and pattern choices, you will be able to create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall. Another benefit to using washi tape for your picture frames is that it is easy to remove and wont leave behind nail holes like traditional frames do.