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Advanced Analytics for Mobile User Acquisition TrackingBird

TrackingBird for App Developers (English)

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  1. 1. Advanced Analytics for Mobile User Acquisition TrackingBird
  2. 2. 2 Hi! Thanks for checking out TrackingBird! We are very happy to talk to you about how we can help you in learning more about your mobile audience and your advertising through TrackingBird. Let me give you a quick introduction.
  3. 3. TrackingBird is a way to help mobile developers understand the numbers that advertising companies give them to better understand their ad revenue. Mobile developers love numbers as much as we do and so knowing who is clicking on the advertisement and which advertisements bring in revenue helps everyone save time and money while making a better profit.
  4. 4. ??? But what if you dont understand the numbers that are being sent to you by an advertiser Whos clicking on the ads? Help!? I cant take this anymore!!! What ads are selling? When are they clicking my ad? What does that mean?
  5. 5. Mobile Ad Tracking We want to be your mediator. The group that helps you understand what all the numbers mean to you with honest reporting and easy to understand numbers. I'm a Developer I'm an Ad Agency
  6. 6. How does it work? ?
  7. 7. When someone sees an advertisement on an app they like, they click on it. They are now sent to a website or they are sent to the store to buy the app and have it installed on their phone.
  8. 8. Most ad networks will lump in all your numbers into one big piece of information and sometimes with very little distribution.
  9. 9. Advertisement 1 Advertisement 1 Advertisement 1 Advertisement 2 TrackingBird is able to know which advertisements people choose and give you more information about your customers.
  10. 10. How Are We Better? ?
  11. 11. Better Analytics! Being able to access more numbers will help you to know more about who your users are. Most ad networks could only give you a few numbers and not the full picture. We give you the whole picture with better tools to help you understand your users.
  12. 12. TrackingBird allows you to view each source with a large amount of information for each individual item or group.
  13. 13. TrackingBird can graph out your clicks, installs, revenue, and more depending on monthly, quarterly, or custom timeframes.
  14. 14. TrackingBird can track your retention rates and KPI, allowing you to understand what is and isnt working with your ads.
  15. 15. Easy To Use! Install our SDK into your app. It only takes 5 minutes! Works on all platforms Works with any Ad Network!
  16. 16. 24 Hour / 7 day Support Our company is available anytime! If there is an issue you have with understanding the analytics, installing TrackingBird to your app, or help choosing your ad network. With online tutorials and email support available anytime, were here to help!
  17. 17. Affordable Cost We know that many people making apps today in small companies, large offices, and bedrooms. We wanted to make our product affordable for everyone. Thats why
  18. 18. We hope you enjoyed our introduction. If you are interested, please visit us at our website at www.TrackingBird.com and sign up. Its easy to install and could save you more time and money than you ever thought.
  19. 19. If you liked TrackingBird, you should check out our other product, TestBird. TestBird helps test your mobile game or app through: If you are interested, contact us at: [email protected] CROWDSOURCE TESTING TESTING USING OUR 1,000+ DIFFERENT PHONES
  20. 20. Testbird Building 8, Section C, 3rd floor Tianfu Software Park Chengdu, China 610041 English: Luke Stapley Global Marketing Director [email protected] : [email protected] * Inorganic clicks represent ads viewed by the user and clicked on/app installation by the user. Contact us for more information: Version Final 1.0