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FIFA’2014 social media league ARGENTINA WON THE HEARTS, GERMANY WON THE GAME!! Date Range 1 st Jun’2014 to 14 th Jul’2014

The True Winner In Fifa 2014

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Germany may have won the game, but Argentina has won hearts all around the world. Get the insights as ThoughtBuzz reveals who the true social media champion is.

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  • FIFA2014 social media league ARGENTINA WON THE HEARTS, GERMANY WON THE GAME!! Date Range 1st Jun2014 to 14th Jul2014
  • FIFA WORLD 39,846,794 Total Mentions Across The World
  • FIFA World Cup 2014 - Chatters Trends Most of the post before 12th June14, were related to various teams fixtures, match schedules & players. The chatter began before the FIFA14 inaugural match, contributing to 17% to overall volume Post inaugural, majority of Fifa14 discussions were related to the players performance, match facts, goal scored etc. 191799 202566 407274 211004 228455 273587 187510 172358 275875 247028 288273 3940360 1061900 671249 621693 653754 1848119 557854 402780 527260 356724 292536 2520225 593173 608561 383461 299169 2521703 604866 426687 338610 364937 375411 4516395 2069196 1047491 782816 3925809 806206 996106 677117 1333437 689855 345605 1-Jun 2-Jun 3-Jun 4-Jun 5-Jun 6-Jun 7-Jun 8-Jun 9-Jun 10-Jun 11-Jun 12-Jun 13-Jun 14-Jun 15-Jun 16-Jun 17-Jun 18-Jun 19-Jun 20-Jun 21-Jun 22-Jun 23-Jun 24-Jun 25-Jun 26-Jun 27-Jun 28-Jun 29-Jun 30-Jun 1-Jul 2-Jul 3-Jul 4-Jul 5-Jul 6-Jul 7-Jul 8-Jul 9-Jul 10-Jul 11-Jul 12-Jul 13-Jul 14-Jul
  • ARGENTINA WON THE HEARTS, GERMANY WON THE GAME!! Among all the FIFA 2014 match discussed, Argentina vs Germany who was the most anticipated match of 2014 World Cup & Germany did win the World Cup but Argentina was the most popular team across the world discussed on social media till date Germany 19,639,924 Argentina 40,034,649 ARGENTINA was twice as popular on Social Media than Germany, throughout the world during FIFA14
  • Top 5 FIFA14 players discussed across the world Argentina's Messi is one of the most highly & frequently discussed player of FIFA 2014, till date followed by Brazilian Neymar Messi - 25,792,624 Ronaldo 9,567,939 Luis Suarez- 13,041,171 Rooney 2,814,971 Neymar 24,319,202 1. 2. 4. 3. 5.
  • Gender Talks Men were almost 58% more active than women 79% 21% Women were more keen about most players performance, their wives & girlfriends, match winners posts Men were more interested in goal scored, players performance, match timings, players hairstyles, penalty shoot outs, match fixtures etc.
  • Game of the YOUTH Less than 25 Years Intermediates, College going, Fresher's to the Corporates 25-40 Years Manager level, newly married, Young Parents Greater than 40 Years Senior Level, Parents of teenagers and adult kids Top discussions were around Team Comparison, Players performance, Fifa contests etc. Fifa teams, Match economics, Players, Wags, Top Celeb posts, Associated brands, previous match stats etc. Majority of people falling under this category were more interested in players historical, match historical data etc. 27% of the observed 55% of the observed 18% of the observed
  • Top 5 FIFA14 Teams discussed across the world Brazil Followed by France was the most discussed Fifa 2014 team 1. 28,614,213 9,298,843 7,415,386 2. 5. 3. 4. Argentina 40,034,649 France 14,235,390
  • Top 5 Controversial Moments - FIFA World Cup2014 Luis Suarez bite on Giorgio Cheillini Illegal sale of FIFA World Cup 2014 tickets Luis Suarez bite on Giorgio Cheillini: FIFA banned Suarez from nine international matches and four months of any football related activity Illegal sale of FIFA World Cup 2014 tickets, this illegal ticket scam has damaged the image of FIFA further more as there were allegations of bribery in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar bid. Neymar fouled by Modric Neymar hit out his elbow on Luka Modric, it became a controversial moment for the reason Neymar wasn't sent off for the incident and was given a booking instead.
  • Top 5 Controversial Moments - FIFA World Cup2014 Mexico goals disallowed vs Cameroon The Cameroon Football Association revealed about their investigation on seven players involved for match fixing Mexico goals disallowed vs Cameroon: Humberto Clavijo, the linesman for that match, wrongly disallowed two goals scored by Giovani Dos Santos in the first half of the match. The Cameroon Football Association revealed about their investigation on seven players involved for match fixing after their humiliating 4-0 loss to Croatia in the group stage.
  • Social Media Popular Players FIFA14 1. Lionel Messi 25,792,624 2. Neymar Jr - 24,319,202 3. Robin Van Persie 674,717 Arjen Robben 817,266 Thomas Muller 415,203 Andrea Pirl 499,795
  • Social Media Emerging Players FIFA14 1. James Rodriquez 67,442 3. Bryan Luiz - 431 2. Juan Carlos Paredes 6,897
  • APAC Countries on Social Media FIFA14 League IndiaSingapore IndonesiaPhilippines
  • Country Wise Social Media Chatter FIFA14 SINGAPORE 56,516 INDIA 262,350 PHILIPPINES 43,973 INDONESIA 813,960
  • Top Players FIFA14 discussed India Singapore Messi 196,829 IndonesiaPhilippines Luis Suarez- 128,076 Neymar 98,553 Luis Suarez- 12,894 Neymar 21,386 Messi 30,181 Luis Suarez- 32,871 Messi 32,407 Neymar 29,574 Messi 609,064 Luis Suarez- 543,011 Neymar 401,819
  • Top 3 Teams FIFA14 discussed India Philippines Singapore Indonesia 329,770 77,88371,497 Argentina 958,489 175,826 108,660 Argentina 40,184 France 26,485 Argentina Argentina 34,339 25,708 851,987 150,943
  • Top Sport Channels FIFA14 discussed INDIA PHILIPPINES Singapore Indonesia 65% 19% 8% 5% 3% Sony Six Others ESPN Star Sports Neo Sony Six was most discussed for watching Fifa WorldCup14 39% 25% 19% 12% 2% 2% 1% GMA ESPN Balls TV ABS-CBN TV5 Fox Others GMA was most discussed for watching Fifa WorldCup14 10% 50% 37% 3% Starhub TV Others Mio Tv MediaCorp Tv Mio TV was most discussed for watching Fifa WorldCup14 TvOne was most discussed for watching Fifa WorldCup14 26% 47% 7% 1% 20% TvOne ANTV K-Vision
  • Top 5 Brand FIFA14 discussed 34% 20% 14% 7% 2% 48% 23% 16% 9% 3% INDIA PHILIPPINES 33% 21% 19% 15% 12% Singapore 53% 21% 14% 8% 4% Indonesia
  • LIFESTYLES affected by FIFA14 Late night Sleep was the major concern of majority of Singapore fans as most of the matches were early morning telecasts Majority of youth & female fans also raised concern about their morning walk & fitness schedules 41% Late Night Sleep 22% Morning walk & Fitness 8% Household work 29% Spending time with girlfriend/ family Geography - Singapore
  • WORKLIFE affected by FIFA14 Many Singaporeans stated in their post that they are getting late for the office 38% late for Office 27% Match Discussion at office 14% Stock Brokers take breaks to watch the match 21% Delayed Scheduled Appointment Geography - Singapore
  • FOOD / BEVERAGES / SPORTSBARs affected by FIFA14 Hungry Between Match 16% Dinning with Beer & Food with match 34% Teams Fasting /Ramzan during football 22% Post Match Party 28% Geography - Singapore
  • Worldwide Key Insights FIFA 2014 ARGENTINA was the most talked finalist during FIFA14 world cup Brazil vs Chile & Suarez in game bite are most discussed events of Fifa 2014. Steep hike in chatters were observed in overall Fifa 2014 discussions after the inauguration ceremony Day by day promotional discussion around Fifa 2014, was diminishing whereas steep hike was seen in Fifa 2014 players discussion post Inaugural match Men were more dominant in Fifa 2014 related discussions across the world. They were more keen about match historical, players stats & performance, team updates etc. People of all age groups were found excited for Fifa related discussions, However people having age between 25-40yrs were largely participating in Fifa 2014 related engagements Messi dominated the 1st rank followed by Neymar on social media discussions around Fifa 2014, across the world Brazil & Argentina was the most discussed team for Fifa 2014, across the world till date Across the world majority of people posted about Fifa during 2nd half or extra time of the game
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