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Paint vs floor marking tape

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  1. 1. ReLI NE floor markingThere are two main oor marking methods:tape and paint.Advancement in adhesive tape technology and the extensive amount of work that painting requires are two reasons tape has become a morepopular choice for most industrial applications. Are you interested?Call us or send us an [email protected] comI [email protected] comiiwgulf. comNo time needed to dry No spillsWarranty up to 2 years,depending on traffic/exposureU sing an applicator,both straigit & curved lines are easyOnly cleaning the floor surface requiredMinimal required accessoriesApplication does not usually intermpt workconfonns to uneven surfacessuch as concrete,asphalt,brick and filecan be easily removedQuickly applied for temporary conditions,likea liquid spill+971 551387355 +971 2 555 3628Fumes require ventilation,the wearing of PPE and possible facility shutdownNeeds time to dry Spills likelyWarranty depending on traffic/ arposureDifficult to do straight or curving lines by handExtensive preparaon meMay require brushes and/orrollers,taping,drop cloths,etc. Application will usually disrupt work for extended periodUneven surfaces may require treatment to make surfaces smooth enough to paintRequires harsh chemicals or abrasive machines for removalNot designed for quick application """ W Iit 7i ii