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The worlds leading Java Garbage Collection Log analyser. Say goodbye to Memory Leaks and Application Pauses!

Text of Censum - Garbage Collection Log Analyser

  • Focus on whats important ! Memory Management Analysis
  • Why we built Censum We needed to analyse Javas automated memory management system (aka GC) Existing tools lacked depth The data is very difficult to obtain and interpret ! Poorly tuned GC kills performance Leading cause of poor performance for Java applications Can prevent your users from using your application!
  • Why Censum is different! Lightweight Data gathered by Censum is cheap to obtain ! Intelligent Censum offers analytics over raw data ! Adaptive Censum supports multiple versions of Java and its collectors ! Pervasive Fills the the vital GC piece of the overall performance picture
  • A sample of the GC issues that we find Category Bottleneck Description High Pause Times Shows you high pause times due to Garbage Collection (GC) Too much time in GC Shows you if your application not progressing due to GC Running out of memory Shows you if your application is memory starved Premature Promotion Shows you if you are promoting objects to the wrong region PermGen space Shows you a clear info graphic on your PermGen usage. Incorrectly size pools Recommends the optimal memory pool sizes System GCs Shows you harmful uses of System GCs Memory Efficiency Shows you how quickly you are burning through memory Probable memory leaks Indicators of probable memory leaks
  • Some technical & licensing details Java Swing Desktop tool Runs on any major O/S Runs on Java 6u10+ Trivial to install ! Parses almost any GC log Heroic mode Tested against massive database of real PRD logs ! Flexible licensing Per user / desktop license OR Floating concurrent users license Free upgrades throughout the year
  • Sample Analysis Summary
  • Sample Log Summary
  • Sample Graphic - Too many System GCs
  • Censum Roadmap Q3 2014 - G1 & Java 8 Support ! Q4 2014 - Censum Hosted / SaaS Phase 1 - Build and CI Server integration Phase 2 - Streams GC log data to a central service Phase 3 - Real Time monitoring and analysis ! 2015+ - Extensive Roadmap Modern UI refresh Further depth in analytics Predictive mode, detect issues before they occur Capacity planning PaaS and IDE integrations
  • Focus on whats important ! Get your free trial at www.jclarity.com Follow us on Twitter @jclarity