Young immigrants’ employment stories, FIOH

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Young immigrants’ employment stories, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Text of Young immigrants’ employment stories, FIOH

  • Tyterveyslaitos Well-being through work
  • Tyterveyslaitos THIS IS HOW I GOT WORK
  • Tyterveyslaitos How do I find work? Your employability is affected by: 1. Your health and functional ability 2. Your skills 3. Your motivation and attitude
  • Tyterveyslaitos Health and functional ability You yourself can affect your health and functional ability, by for example: eating healthily sleeping enough exercising making sure your social relationships are ok
  • Tyterveyslaitos Skills are learned over time Different kinds of skills
  • Tyterveyslaitos TIP: Ask for help in developing your skills from your local TE Office ( or find out what you can study at college TIP: Many applications for improving your language skills are available for phones/tablets, e.g. Memrise, Quizlet, Voice Translator
  • Tyterveyslaitos Motivation and attitude are important in job- seeking Positive and takes the initiative Sociable and co-operative Hard- working, flexible and friendlyPunctual Persistent, wants to work Likes his own profession
  • Tyterveyslaitos Different ways to find work 1) You can apply for open vacancies 2) You can ask a friend or acquaintance if they know of any suitable jobs for you or ask for tips on how to find work 3) You can directly call interesting companies / workplaces and ask if they have work
  • Tyterveyslaitos Different ways to find work 4) You can register with a recruiting agency 5) After on-the-job training you can ask the company if they have future work for you 6) You can apply for an apprenticeship 7) There are also many employment projects that help young people and immigrants find work. Ask for information at your local TE Office!
  • Tyterveyslaitos
  • Tyterveyslaitos WHEN I BEGAN WORK
  • Tyterveyslaitos Your rights as an employee I have the right to wages that are in accordance with the collective agreement I can belong to a trade union I have the right to a healthy and safe work environment I have the right to protection provided by the law and by contracts
  • Tyterveyslaitos and your duties I do my work with care I obey instructions I respect confidentiality I keep business and professional secrets I respect my employer I do not compete with my employer
  • Tyterveyslaitos In Finland, everyone is entitled to induction training Your supervisor is responsible for your induction training
  • Tyterveyslaitos Are you receiving proper induction training? Check!
  • Tyterveyslaitos
  • Tyterveyslaitos ME AND MY COLLEAGUES
  • Tyterveyslaitos What is a work community? Work commuity = colleagues TIP: In Finnish workplaces it is normal to address colleagues and supervisors on a first-name basis
  • Tyterveyslaitos THINK: How do you behave in the work community? How do I draw attention to problems? How do I ensure that I cope at work? How do I promote my colleagues well- being?
  • Tyterveyslaitos The work community needs different types of skills How to develop your work community skills: Be willing to learn new things Take care of your well-being Support and encourage your supervisor and other members of the work community in their tasks Accept diversity Accept feedback Evaluate your own actions Take the initiative tell your supervisor about your work and any areas that may need development
  • Tyterveyslaitos TIP: Finns appreciate punctuality. Finnish workers stick to their working hours closely! TIP: Finns appreciate people taking the intitative. Be active and dont be afraid to ask questions! TIP: Ask you collaeagues all kinds of questions, they know about Finnish culture and traditions!
  • Tyterveyslaitos Inappropriate behaviour Disagreements at the workplace are normal. But if a colleague is being bullied because of their private life or some personal characteristic is excluded from the work community is being threatened or their work tasks are changed without a reason it may be a case of inappropriate behaviour. The Finnish Non-Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination!
  • Tyterveyslaitos What should you do if you are the victim of inappropriate behaviour? Find out if your workplace has guidelines for this kind of situation. Tell your harrasser directly that you consider their behavoiur inappropriate. If you like, have someone with you as support. If the harrasser continues the inappropriate behaviour, tell them that you will report them to your supervisor. Talk about it, dont be alone!
  • Tyterveyslaitos I COPE WELL AT WORK BECAUSE
  • Tyterveyslaitos What is good work ability? I have the energy for work I know how to do my work I am enthusiastic and want to work I feel good I have enough energy left for free-time activities
  • Tyterveyslaitos
  • Tyterveyslaitos Finland has laws that aim to ensure that workers cope at work Working hours E.g. Regular working hours are max. 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week. Breaks E.g. Workers have the right to one break when they work over 4 hours and two breaks when they work over 6 hours. Sick leave When you get ill you can stay at home and still be paid for sickness absence days. Annual leave E.g. If you have been employed for under a year, you earn two days of holiday per month worked. TIP: Trade union websites have further information on work-related laws!
  • Tyterveyslaitos Workplaces also support coping at work in many ways Supporting a healthy lifestyle, e.g.: Lunch and coffee breaks during the working day Workplace canteens and places to eat packed lunches The workplace may have its own gym or swimming pool for employee use The employer may offer exercise or culture vouchers that you can use at a place of your choice
  • Tyterveyslaitos The employer can also promote you work ability through Induction training It is important that you are taught to do your job correctly every new employee has the right to proper induction training! Encouraging you to take part in training Many employers arrange training for their employees it is worth taking advantage of this benefit! CERTIFICATE __________ What skills would you like to develop?
  • Tyterveyslaitos Occupational safety Make sure you perform your work safely and according to instructions!
  • Tyterveyslaitos Occupational health services (OHS) All employees are entiteld to OHS OHS can help you promote your health Treatment of illnesses is also included in OHS at many workplaces OHS has a doctor, nurse, psychologist and physiotherapist Anything discussed with OHS is completely confidential!
  • Tyterveyslaitos You are also responsible for your own work ability! I follow safety instructions I remember to take food and coffee breaks I want to feel good I want to learn more I contact my supervisor or OHS if I feel I have problems at work
  • Tyterveyslaitos
  • Tyterveyslaitos FREE TIME
  • Tyterveyslaitos Eat healthily You need the right kind of food to stay healthy and to be able to function properly Varied, colourful, low in salt, vitamins Finnish Nutrition Recommendations:
  • Tyterveyslaitos Make sure you rest! When I get enough sleep I learn and remember things better I can solve problems more easily I find it easier to concentrate

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