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  1. 1. ________________________________Marketing | Branding | Creative | Production 917.373.8512Standout!
  2. 2. The Power to Standoutfrom the Competition Founded in 2002 by Joseph A. Vicari Strong Value Chain of Specialists Support Team Experienced ProfessionalAffiliates Clients from the local to the Natl level
  3. 3. Joe Vicari School of Visual Arts NYC Madison Avenue Account History The Money Store Wells Fargo Chase Finance Alliance Bank Kremer Laser Eye Centers Lourdes Health Systems
  4. 4. Agency Working PhilosophyVicari Group operates under the mindset ofdoing whatever it takes to get the job doneright. We are an agency that values the Client/ Agency Relationship. We are fiscallyresponsible, abide by our estimates and areaccountable for the work done.
  5. 5. Full Service Agency Strategic Planning Creative Development Interactive Media Planning and Buying Public Relations
  6. 6. Strategic Planning Key to Vicari Group Marketing Analyze entire business model Develop a definable direction to marketthe business Product & Business Branding In-depth Competitive Analysis
  7. 7. Marketing Discovery Workshops Why & Brand Review to determine the bestdirection for moving forward. Why & Brand Insights Discovery to develop aconcise brand platform. What & Brand Structure to identify areas ofimprovement to maximize effectiveness. How & Brand Response to improve targetefficiencies.
  8. 8. Creative Development Concise strategic brand, and set of key messages Online Broadcast Direct Response Magazine Newspaper Non-traditional
  9. 9. Creative Expertise Expertise in developing special promotions. Depth of talent in creating effective electronic response campaigns. Full service art department. Expertise in all graphics applications. Own & operate post production studio from print TV, Radio & Online
  10. 10. Interactive Website Advertising Email Marketing Web Ad Development Website Design Streaming Media & Flash Presentations
  11. 11. Excellence in Media Accountability and Expenditure Visibility & Cost Efficient Research Driven Pre- During - Post Experience Any and All New York City Based Agency
  12. 12. Public Relations Partners News Releases Strong Media Relations Publicity/Events Sponsorships & Promotions Media Training Crisis Management
  13. 13. Areas of Expertise Healthcare Non-Profit Retail Financial Cosmetic Direct Response
  14. 14. Healthcare Hospitals Specialty Practices Behavioral Facilities Management Care
  15. 15. Healthcare Experience Catholic Health East Lourdes Health System Devereux Foundation Kremer Eye Centers KLM Ophthalmology Fairless Hills Dental Center Advanced Dental Care Lumen Laser Centers
  16. 16. Retail Jewelry Home Improvement Cosmetic Dentistry Elective Surgery
  17. 17. Financials Banks Financial Advisors Mortgage Companies Brokers
  18. 18. Direct Response 800 Number Website Visits In-Store Sales Cross-sell & Up-sell Opportunities Call script development, pitch & clichs
  19. 19. S.M.A.R.T. Move Strategic Clear, concise, strategic planning to develop themost recognized brands in their industries. Measurable - Developing marketing programs ensuringaccountability & cost effectiveness Active Over 30 years of combined strategic planning andmedia experience so your focused more on active marketing,not passive. Responsive Specializing in Signature Marketing Programsthat address marketing challenges and get results Tactical - The marketing prowess to develop a plan of actiondesigned to build awareness, change consumer behavior andget results
  20. 20. So?: What Does It Mean 2 U? Results driven Signature Solutions that helpbusinesses STANDOUT from the competition Strong Strategic Planning Strategic Vision, Execution & Definable Creative That Incites Consumers To Action Unparalleled Media Experience Direct Response Expertise
  21. 21. Vicari GroupIntangibles Marketing Resource Idea Generation Retail Mentality Im Are Fluid Relationships Strong Market Reputation Value Partner I Go the Extra Mile!