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Presentation from the ERE Expo Spring 2012, presented by Larry Clifton.

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1. Recruiter TrainingAn out of the box idea that works! Larry Clifton Senior Vice President Recruiting, Workforce Planning, & Development 2. Three great recruiting stories Todd Clifton Bethany Clifton Kendall Clifton CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 3. How do you all do recruiter training? Attend a training course classroom style? Take an on-line course? Go to a conference? Trainer comes to your work location? Others? CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 4. A recruiter training out of the box idea CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 5. CACIs Recruiter Coach CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 6. Why we have a Recruiter Coach? Current training approach OK, but not great Improve our recruiters and recruiting results A more targeted and cost effective approach Find and focus on the training gold nuggets Tell me and Ill probably forgetShow me and I may rememberInvolve me and Ill understand CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 7. How did we do it? CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 8. Simple four step plan Step Step Step Two: Step Four: One: Three: Develop Assess Create a an ILP for Execute results & baseline each training course recruiter correct CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 9. Step One Developed Baseline Ask our recruiters to do a self-assement What are you good at and where do you need help? Did a deep dive into our data How many hires and offers accepted per recruiter Where did their hires/offers come from? Tool utilization rates CRM, job postings, social media, etc. Met with recruiting management team Identified specific focus areas for each recruiter Analyzed all the above our Coach went to work CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 10. Step Two Individual Learning Plans Recruiter Coach met one-on-one with each recruiter In this kickoff meeting a plan of action between the coach and recruiters was created including training priorities. Interesting/unexpected outcomes Recruiter confessions not identified in their self-assessment One of top producers really didnt know how to recruit. Many recruiters didnt understand the company itself. Remote recruiters wanted to be more engaged. Some recruiters were recruiting legends in their own minds. LinkedIn was the most requested training topic. CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 11. Step Three Executed Training Since LinkedIn was the most requested training topic our Recruiter Coach tackled it first Started with a small group class concept, then realized that individual attention was needed took us longer than expected. Second training topic was getting referrals Large session to foster collaboration and share best practices. We planted some SMEs in the audience to ensure engagement. Third training topic was advanced Boolean sourcing Our techie recruiters volunteered and helped teach Followed with others topics and continue to do so CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 12. Step Four Assess Results & Course Correct Our Recruiter Coach started in July beginning of our fiscal year Year to date results have been impressive and prove our Recruiter Coach idea is working 62% of recruiters increased their hires. 58% of recruiters increased their offer accepts. Now what and next steps Training is a continuous journey that should never end! Re-survey recruiters at the end of our fiscal year to solicit inputs on how we improve our Recruiter Coach idea. Well always have a Recruiter Coach at CACI! CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 13. Recruiter Coach Summary Its a win-win for both the recruiter and CACI Recruiter increases knowledge/efficiency & receives more bonus. Recruiter feels more valued/developed good for morale/retention. Recruiter feels less stress because they can go to the Coach for answers. Best practices uncovered from recruiters and shared with others. Recruiting management gains visibility into unknown issues. Increased hires good for CACI profits. CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 14. Customer Feedback BTW .. you ROCK. Thanks for the Linkedin and Google search training. I am humbled. I wanted to let you know that I saw great value in the time that she spent with me. Great techniques and a real nuts & bolts session on how to get referrals. I learned some new tricks and am really looking forward to using them. Wanted to tell you how great the training is She is very thorough, gives specific examples and helps us real time to try out the tools shes showing us. CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 15. Byproduct Benefits Catalyst for change Knowledge gained anecdotally from recruiters spurred changes within our recruiting team process and bonus plan improvements. Technology assessment From our recruiter interviews and metrics we gained a clearer picture of our technology utilization helps during budget process. Recruiting eNewsletter Created to improve communication/engagement for remote recruiters. Recruiters started training Hiring Managers Recruiters took initiative share training with their hiring managers, who in turn began to further utilize their own networks e.g. social media. CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 16. Recruiter Coach has become a therapistRecruiters ask our Coach for: Organizational help Complaints of all sorts Suggestions of all sorts Situational advice How to handle a tough manager How should they deal with their boss Performance review advice Career counseling Personal issues CACI Proprietary Information | 2012 17. QUESTIONS? Larry Clifton Senior Vice President Recruiting, Workforce Planning, & Development