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A quick presentation about the #thingsIcarry, based on the idea of Marisa Wong. Font : Condensed Milk by David Crow.

Text of Things I carry

  • Things I carryby Emiland De Cubber - Presentation Designer
  • To remember all the things I carry,I browsed through my Instagram photos.
  • To remember all the things I carry,I browsed through my Instagram photos. Heres what I found.
  • Red Hoodie One day, American Apparel will send me alltheir different colors. In the meantime, this red one helps me to fight against the city. Red light in San Francisco
  • Creative TechnologyWhy playing the piano on a regular keyboard when you can play it on bananas? Makey Makey in Paris
  • Typographic InspirationYou dont have to love chocolate and clocks to love Helvetica. Helvetica in Geneva
  • Coins to play with friends Killing zombies or riding jet skis, theresalways amoment of fun around the corner. Arcade break in Paris
  • Desire to travelI think I would need three lifes to explore all the places I am dreaming of. Blue church in Santorini
  • Jawbone UP wristbandIts fun to know yourself better.Walk. Sleep. Play with data. Repeat. Quantified self in Paris
  • Mac & Keynote I love my Mac Book Pro.And Keynote can do everything. Except coffee. Unboxing in Mchelles
  • Concert ticketsNothing is better than a live band after a day at work. Cracbooms in Paris
  • Moleskine sketchbooksI always try to sketch, refine, amend my ideason the paper before jumping on my computer. Wireframing in Paris
  • Creativebusiness cardsLeave more than a business card. Leave your story. My business cards in Paris
  • Ideas & Inspiration Everybody should watch two TED talks per day.TEDxPanthonSorbonne in Paris
  • Wonderful Internet.From grumpy cats to screaming goats, I wish I could hug THE INTERNET. Homemade gift wrap in Paris
  • Now that you know what I carry,check out who I am and what I do on :
  • Thank you! #thingsIcarryFont : Condensed Milk by David Crow