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  • 2. The Missing Link Whether youve been working on your LinkedIn profile for months or just a few days, you know that employers are definitely checking you out on LinkedIn. You know that if youre not on LinkedIn, youre hurting your chances of landing a job. And youre willing to do anything to finally land a job. So, you have your work experience listed, your education, and a summary introducing yourself. Youre linking to your LinkedIn profile anytime you apply for a job. But nothing seems to be happening. Employers arent calling you to setup an interview. It feels like youre no better off now than you were before you had a LinkedIn profile. Either LinkedIn is bullshit or youre missing something. I can tell you from personal experience and the experience of others that: LinkedIn is not bullshit. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 3. Who are you? What do you want? What do you have to offer? Why choose you over someone else?
  • 4. Those are the questions that your LinkedIn profile needs to answer. Listing your work experience and list of responsibilities doesnt do that. Adding a line in your summary that talks about your goals and summarizes your skills, doesnt do that. Having a profile that is 100% complete doesnt do that either. You need to give employers more. Your LinkedIn profile isnt your resume. Your resume is garbage. Because it doesnt do enough to answer any of the questions that make employers really want to meet you. The answers that make LinkedIn worth your time. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 5. Who are you? What do you want? What do you have to offer? Why choose you over someone else?
  • 7. Who Are You? A resume is a list of skills and responsibilities you claim to have. It doesnt talk about whether youre fun to work with or you love some (healthy) competition. And those things matter to an employer who is trying to figure out if youd be a good fit for their team. Why? Because you may have all the right experience and skills to become a doctor. But if you dont like working under pressure, why would they hire you to be a surgeon in their trauma center? Companies spend thousands of dollars on each employee that doesnt work out. This has forced them to start looking beyond resumes and interviews in order to protect themselves from more bad hires. This is where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn lets employers discover new candidates based on more than a resume, all in one place. Because it allows candidates, like you, to share more than your work history. It allows you to share who you are. How? By telling your story. By getting personal. By sharing your passion, ideas, and values. You have to show employers that you have the skills and the right character traits needed for the job you want. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 8. Your Summary After your picture and headline, your summary is the next thing that people look at on your LinkedIn profile. This makes it a crucial piece of real estate on your profile, and the perfect place to start telling your story. Here are two approaches to start getting personal with your future employers: 1. Talk about where your passion originates from. I was the kid in grade school who took those grammar rules to heart. I annoyed all my friends and classmates as the unofficial grammar police. I always hated math class growing up. Until I had to take Mr. Fairmonts statistics class in the 10th grade. My belief that math was useless was obliterated by the insights that statistics provided into the worlds issues. 2. Talk about how you got to where you are. While in the military, I lived in several Indonesian provinces. After seeing how these people lived, I felt compelled to help them. As I traveled back to Indonesia through multiple organizations, I began writing about the struggles of these people. This led to my passion for international journalism. After seeing the movie Food, Inc., I spent a ridiculous amount of time researching the facts the movie proposed. It seemed impossible that what these farmers were doing could actually be legal. When I found nothing but loopholes and supporting legislation, I chose law school over business school and never looked back. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 9. Volunteer Experience & Causes Recruiters and hiring managers look favorably at candidates who volunteer. Why? Because giving up even an hour of your time once a month to help someone else, says a lot about you. It says that you think beyond yourself, youre caring, and a good person. If you volunteer regularly, it also shows commitment and dedication. Projects Projects on your LinkedIn profile provide you with another opportunity to show more of who you are. This works best for projects youre working on outside of work or outside of your regular duties at work. For example, you may be working on creating a new game app outside of work. This shows passion, initiative, and a desire to keep learning and challenging yourself. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 10. The Real Deal Kay Allisons summary is a great example of how sharing where your passion began creates a personal connection while still being professional. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 11. Who are you? What do you want? What do you have to offer? Why choose you over someone else?
  • 12. CLARITY
  • 13. When someone visits your LinkedIn profile, they need to know what you want. Otherwise, they wont know if the opportunity they have to offer is right for you. And you dont want to miss opportunities. So, how do you bring this clarity to your profile? By understanding yourself. You need to know what you want. Its understandable if youre not 100% sure right now. But you can get closer to the right answer by considering the following questions: 1. What can you do better than most people? What are others always asking you for help with? 2. Think about the last time you were working on something (professional or otherwise), where you lost track of time or were in the zone. What were you doing? 3. What skills or accomplishments are you most proud of? 4. How would your closest family and friends describe you? (Ask them!) These questions are meant to help you understand what you like and what others see as your strengths. Knowing what others see as your strengths, points you in the direction of what youre truly great at. When you pair what you like with what youre best at, you have the chance to find jobs where you can be happy and successful. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 14. What You Like Using questions 2 and 3 as your guide, make a list of the activities you enjoy doing and the skills you like using. These are going to guide you in the direction of the jobs that youll enjoy the most. With your list ready, go to O*NET Online: http://www.onetonline.org/. On O*NET you can search for jobs by abilities, interests, knowledge, skills, work activities, work values, and more. Search for jobs based on your list of interests and skills. Once you get your list of recommended jobs, click through and take a look at the detailed information for each job. This will include: The interests and values that would make that job the best fit for you The knowledge, education, skills, traits, and abilities needed to be successful in that job Typical tasks and work activities performed in that job The tools and technology most often used in that job The median salary and expected growth of that job Choose Your Jobs Now that youve explored different jobs, make a list of all the jobs you felt would be the best fit for you. Which jobs included the most activities youd enjoy, and required the values and interests you already possess? Feel free to make the list as long as you want. Youll be narrowing down the list in the next step. Share this ebook on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Email PrometheanBrand.com
  • 15. Bringing Together What You Like and What Youre Best At Now, using questions 1 and 4 as your guide, make a list of the skills youre best at and those that people value the most from you. Then, use O*NET to match up the jobs on your list with your most valued skills. The jobs that match up with what youre best at make up the roadmap to finding the jobs youll be happiest doing. Ideally, youll want to focus on one job or a few jobs that are related to each other. That way your Link