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At Swiss Jobs and Career Center we share the best and most relevant information and advice on career and job-searching in Switzerland that we can put our hands on.

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Your CV Must Be Totally Perfect

And Totally“Swiss-Proof”

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• You compete against many other jobseekers

• In a job market that is very conservative, AND...

• Where getting noticed is not an obvious thing if you are a foreigner!

The Swiss Reality…

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Fortunately, We Are There To Help

So YOU CanSucceed

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• The CV Makeover and Swiss-Proofing Services

• Designed to make your CV 100% fit with tight Swiss hiring protocol

• So you get the attention of the recruiters that YOU are looking for

How Can We Help?

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• Step 1: We Speak With You

• Step 2: We Structure and Edit Your CV

• Step 3: We Swiss-Proof Your CV

What Can You Expect?

Page 7: Swiss Recruiters

You Get A Fully “Swiss-proofed”

and professionally-edited, new, shiny


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But There Is More We Can Do To Help You in The Swiss

Employment Market

Page 9: Swiss Recruiters

• Increase your LinkedIn visibility and appeal to recruiters and talent acquisition specialists!

LinkedIn Profile Building

Page 10: Swiss Recruiters

• Let your cover letter become a teaser that makes recruiters read your CV with great care and keen interest!

Cover Letter Writing

Page 11: Swiss Recruiters

• Present yourself without engaging in anything that smacks of a hard sell, such as when you send in your CV and cover letter!

Executive Bio Writing

Page 12: Swiss Recruiters

• Tailor your CV individually for each job that you are particularly keen to interview for!

Ultra CV Re-Modelling

Page 13: Swiss Recruiters

• Re-assess your overall strategy and approach to job-search. Get an independent and expert advice on everything you do in your search for employment in Switzerland!

Personalized Follow-Up

Page 14: Swiss Recruiters

Let Us Help You Increase The Odds of Getting Hired In


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What They Say?

“Thank you so much for rewriting my CV. It was daunting to acknowledge how badly I needed your help. My only regret is that I have not tried your

services earlier. I am very happy to recommend you to others ”-Mimir A. Villadsen, Zürich, Switzerland

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