Social Media: Managing Your Personal Online Brand in a Brave New World

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<p>Managing Your Personal Brand in a Brave New World </p> <p> Presented by Emily Miethner Founder // NY Creative Interns + MCG SOCIAL </p> <p>A Social Media Workshop </p> <p>My Background </p> <p>NY Creative Interns Sets up every young creative for career success. </p> <p> MCG SOCIAL Works with brands to use social media and events to engage their communities and grow their business. </p> <p> Speaker &amp; Coach Works with individuals and companies to harness the power of social media in their careers and work. </p> <p>Let's Meet </p> <p>What We'll Cover </p> <p>LinkedIn </p> <p>Twitter </p> <p>Bonus management tools </p> <p>Answers to all your specific social media questions </p> <p>Telling your professional story on your own terms. </p> <p>Your headline your current gig </p> <p>Customize your LinkedIn URL </p> <p>Move your summary to the top </p> <p>Max out your skills (50) </p> <p>Look up people with similar jobs </p> <p>Add rich media to your experience </p> <p>Send custom invite messages </p> <p> Curate your newsfeed </p> <p> Dont be someone people hide </p> <p> Post interesting news and articles </p> <p>Follow companies and influencers </p> <p> Stay on their radar </p> <p>Set reminders to stay in touch </p> <p>Your personal news source and 24/7 conference network. </p> <p>Write an interesting bio and include links </p> <p>Filter through the noise with lists </p> <p>Use @ replies correctly </p> <p>(This is not correct) </p> <p>Include more @mentions and hashtags </p> <p>Tweet different types of tweets </p> <p>Bonus: Tools for Management </p> <p>What Now? </p> <p>Q&amp;A Set one goal for the next month (challenging but realistic) Keep in touch! // </p>