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  • 1. Slide Share: SGCHA By: Cabrini Ferraro

2. Orientation Week

  • The first two weeks in Health Academy was orientation week. During these first two weeks we had three different speakers come talk to us. The first one was Kim Frankenburng, and she talked to us about hand washing and hygiene. Then we had Greg Dick and he talked to us about the security of the hospital. Last we had Mary Wiseman and she talked to us about service hours. We also got informed on the procedures of the hospital, where to park, and we got to go and see the different floors of the hospital.

3. Thank You LetterFront of LetterBack of Letter Back of Letter 4. Thank You Letter Front of Letter Inside of Letter 5. Thank You Letter Front of Letter Back of Letter 6. Thank You Letter Back of LetterFront of Letter 7. Thank you LetterFront of LetterBack of Letter 8. Thank You LaterFull Page view 9. Formal Thank YouFull Page Preview 10. Formal Thank YouFull Page View 11. Formal Thank You Full Page View 12. Formal Thank You Full Page View 13. BlogsI went to 6 southeast and it was probably the worst experience. If anything going to 6 southeast made me realize that nursing in a hospital really is not for me. In a way I do appreciate the experience because it did show me that not everyone is going to be nice, and alls you can do is keep your head up and get through the situation. I was in 5 southeast this week and it was way better than last week. There was very little going on but the nurses I had were very fun and inspirational. They let me right some stuff down and they showed me how to right down stuff on the computer. They also answered a lot of my questions about nursing and if I would want a future career in it.This week I was at five southeast... again.I read the schedule wrong and ended up at the wrong place.But this week was very productive. I got to see a lot of different people my first day. We discharged four people and got to teach someone how to stick themselves with a needle. The second day I was with the same nurse for thirty minutes then she went to lunch, andI was with a nurse named Karen and alls she did was chart. She counted me down because I wasn't acting interested in her charting. 14. Blogs

  • This week I was in Rehab. I followed a physical therapist named Jim, and he was really cool and explained a lot to me. The first day we just went to different units in the hospital and did a lot of paper work. The second day of rotation Jim and I spent two hours with a girl from Andale who was in a drunk driving accident. She got thrown 40 feet from her car, and was in really bad condition. Jim was just trying to get her to do simple tasks. These simple tasks included wiggling her toes, fingers, moving her arms, and log rolling. All these physical activities really drained and hurt the girl. It was so weird to see and be a part of it. I really learned a lot in this rotation and it really made me realize how blest I am.
  • This week I was in Radiology. My first day I followed a Radiologist named Jaime. She was really nice and showed me a lot. The first lady she took an x-ray was having problems with her arthritis, the bones in her hands were all deformed. It was very sad to see. The next person she did an x-ray on was a little girl whose belly was like rock hard. She was having some kind of bowell problems, I think it was constipation but I don't know for sure. Then we went to the CICU and Jaime took an x-ray on a guys hand who just had a finger fall off. They were also concerned that the cancer he had in his hand would return. Then for the rest of that day we got on the computer and she showed me a bunch of different x-rays, and the most interesting cases she's ever heard of.
  • The second day was not as exciting, but I got to see a couple of x-rays. Then the most exciting part of that day was getting to see a little of barium sulfate inserted into her colon and they followed it for the rest of the day.

15. Hand Washing

  • For our hand washing presentations we went to four different schools. Here, we presented a poster, a skit, and a song. We also answered questions that the children had about germs, hand washing, and flu season.

16. Cover LetterFull Page View 17. Cabrini Ferraro 541 North Tallyrand Home (316) 682-6898 Mobile (316) 990-0588 [email_address] Subject: Dental HygienistI am pursuing a career as a Dental Hygienist; included behind this is my resume and references. My background in science consists of: Physical Science, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Chemistry. My math background consists of: Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Intermediate Algebra, and College Algebra. I have also been studying five days a week at the St. Francis and St. Joe Hospital Via Christi Health, two of those days I shadow a professional in their field such as: Pediatrics, Emergency Room, Physical Therapy, and many others totaling sixteen units. The other three days are spent in the classroom working on thank you cards, blogging, studying, and many other activities.My work experience consists of babysitting from 2000 till now. My experiences through babysitting have taught me patience and how to work with all types of individuals. These experiences have also taught me how to relate to all different age groups, and how to anticipate their individual needs. The opportunity to work with children for such a long period of time has taught me many rehabilitation tools such as daily living activities; giving baths, changing diapers, and feeding young children. Life guarding at Rockwood Recreational Facility for three years has also given me some very insightful work experience. I have worked there from 2007 till now. Life guarding requires me to be Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certified, Automated External Defibrillator Trained, and be certified in Food Handling. My last employment is at Tan Do Salon. I have worked there from 2009 till now. Tan Do is a tanning salon and requires me to interact others, and be well informed on the different issues on tanning.I am looking forward to meeting with you. You can contact me through email at[email_address] .Best Regards, Cabrini Ferraro 18. Mentor Forms 19. Mentor Forms 20. Mentor Forms 21. Mentor Forms 22. Mentor Forms 23. ResumeFull Page View 24. Resume LetterObjective My objective is to show you through myexperiences that I am qualified to become a dentalhygienist. Education Newman University (2010) Wichita, KS Medical Terminology(3 Hours)Wichita, KS St. Gianna Health Academy (2010)Wichita, KSEmergency RoomPediatric UnitRehabilitation Observed inthirteen other hospital unitsLearned how to take: bloodpressure, listening to the heart, parts of the stethoscope,checking reflexes, and listening to the lungsKapaun Mount Carmel Catholic High School (2007-2011) Wichita, KS2 years of Spanish (2007-2009)Psychology, CollegePsychology, Sociology (2010 2011) 25. Resume Letter

  • Awards received
    • Honor Roll (2008 2009)
    • Academic Letter (2008 2009)
    • Sweetheart Candidate Freshman year (2008)
    • Sweetheart Candidate and Queen Sophomore year (2009)
    • Homecoming Candidate Senior year (2010)

26. Resume Letter

  • Work experience
    • Babysitting (2000 Present)Wichita, KS
    • Consistently babysitting friends of my familyDriver for my neighbors 5 kids (2009-2010)
    • Life guarding (2007- 2010)Wichita, KS
      • 3 years of life guarding at Rockwood Recreational Facility
    • Tan Do Employee (2009 Present)Wichita, KS

27. Resume Letter

  • Volunteer experience
    • A Better Choice (2009-2010)
    • Dear Neighbor (2009 2010)
    • Church Nursery (2008 2010)
    • Lords Diner (2006 Present)
    • Engaged Encounter set up and clean up (2006 Present)
    • CYO vice president (2008 Present)
    • Via Christi Gala set up and clean up (2007 Present)
    • Working fire work stand for Kapaun Mount Carmel (2007 Present)
    • Baseball Manager (2008)
    • Via Christi Health Volunteer (2007 Present)

28. Resume Letter

  • Accreditations and licenses
    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certified (2007-Present)
    • Automated External Defibrillator Training (2007- Present)
    • Food Handlers Course/Certification (2007- Present)

29. ReferencesFull Page View 30. Mrs. Danielle Chinn Manager of Rockwood Recreational Facility 7547 Rockwood Road Wichita, KS 67206 [email_address] (316) 685-3231 Mrs. Denise Clarke-Hang Program Director and Curriculum Coordinator 929 N. St. Francis Wichita, KS 67214 619-5180Mrs. Kay Urban Waite Owner and Manager of Tan Do Salon550 N. Rock Road Ste 52 Wichita, KS 67206(316) 631-3826 Drs. Ty and Tara ReusserDDS and babysitting employers534 N. Tallyrand Wichita, KS 67206 (316) 249-3929 31. Career List (1) The first job that I am interested in is dental hygienist. This job interests because I have always been obsessed with teeth. I was an obsessive compulsive brusher, and I think this job would really