Sell Yourself: Create Your Personal Brand in 10 Steps Workshop

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The concept of personal branding applies marketing principles used by big and small companies, and helps you to be more strategic when it comes to finding a new job, changing careers or growing your business. In this interactive workshop, you will learn the power of your personal brand and how you can use it to communicate clearly YOUR professional/entrepreneurial value. You will learn how to assess your skills, strengths and personality to be able to be memorable in every interaction: with colleagues, bosses, customers and even strangers.

Text of Sell Yourself: Create Your Personal Brand in 10 Steps Workshop

  • Anllelic Lozada, M.S. Coach Integral de Marketing Personal @AnllelicLozada | #MarcaLlamadaTU | New York, NY
  • Agenda: I. Whats a brand? II. Whats a personal brand? III. Create your personal brand IV. Communicate your personal brand
  • Source: Tasty Placement
  • Personal Brand: The CLEAR & POWERFUL idea that comes to mind when someone else THINKS ABOUT YOU.
  • Why is it important? - More of the right kind of clients - Increased earning potential - Consistent flow of business - Draws helpful people - Top-of-Mind status - Increased credibility - Leadership role - Enhanced prestige - Added perceived value - Greater recognition - Association with a trend
  • How do you use it? - To introduce yourself verbally, visually & in writing - To create an aura about what you do and how you do it - To demonstrate to others about your beliefs, values, and abilities - To change/clarify/create perceptions - To influence
  • ME Education Strengths Personality Career Work Environment Innate Talent Values
  • Elevator Pitch: 1. Who you are 2. What you do 3. Your USP / value you provide
  • 1. Whats your current objective? 2. Who are you? 3. What you do? 4. Whats the unique way you do it (USP) / value you provide? 5. Whos your audience? 6. Whats your elevator pitch? 7. Whats your visual identity? 8. Whats your innate talent? 9. How will you communicate your brand offline? 10. How will you communicate your brand online?
  • Blog: E-Mail: Twitter: @anlleliclozada Slideshare: LinkedIN: Facebook: THANK YOU!