Science as Creativity, Science is Creativity

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Science's understanding of the creative process is much more thorough than people might believe. This is the full version of of lecture on how the creative process is currently modeled and told through a series of stupid pictures.

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  • 1. The Science of Creativity.(minus all the math) Eric Schulze, PhD@SciencEric

2. be utterly fascinating 3. Eric schulze, pHDCreative director & chief nerd 4. what is 5. Thirst Is a social experimentThat changes theway you learn. 6. science ofcreativity 7. The Science of Creativity.(minus all the math) Eric Schulze, PhD@SciencEric 8. create. Gain a practical use for Science.Turn complex Math into stupid pictures. 9. Creativity. 10. motivation to dosomething that has notbeen done beforein thought, action, or beliefAnd must meet some criteria of usefulness 11. There is little evidence that the toiling genius model works. 12. I could give you all thesciencey terms and jargon 13. but I hatedoingthat.Instead 14. Creativity is,to a very largeextent,Scientific. 15. Random is not what you think it is. 16. Truth is stranger thanction, but it isbecause Fictionis obliged to stick topossibilities;Truth isnt. 17. Yaynerds! 18. Yaynerds! Telling the truth is hard! 19. anecdote is not science.The plural of anecdote is notscientific evidence. 20. So, Im a scientist. 21. I went from this 22. . . . to this 23. . . . to this 24. everyone needs tore-learn how tolearn. 25. Science.PhotoscourtesyofTonyHitchcock 26. Why science? 27. &%#! 28. approved messaging 29. because science isrigorous, reliable, & directive. 30. Why would youwant to engineer a Nobel Prize- winning idea? 31. Because each represents the most creative,insightful glimpses into the natural world. 32. Does Creativity Have a Logic? 33. Science is therational investigationinto the creative. 34. Science = art =music = literature 35. A B C 42 36. This process argues that creativity is a truly random, environmental + (epi)genetic process. 37. A Z 38. A Z 39. This argues for a strictly logical,nearly algorithmic creative process. 40. What are agreed- upon creativetraits? 41. Independent NonconformistUnconventionalMany InterestsHigh OpennessHigh BoldnessCognitive Flexibility 42. psychopathology. 43. idea combinations. 44. How do you measure quality?This is tough.Not gonna lie, even within science its hard to agree 45. 10 yearsor10,000 hours 46. approved messaging 47. 1540 48. Does creativityhave a logic? 49. Does creativityhave a logic? Why do I care? 50. terrible. 51. Creativity is a stochastic,constrained behavior.#HellYesScience 52. unconstrained creativity 53. constrained creativity 54. Adding carefully selectedrestrictions increases thelikelihood of creative ideas 55. Independently replicating othersresults is a significant sign ofimproving creativity.(IOW Dont be discouraged.) 56. Why does[restriction] work? 57. Why does[restriction] work? 58. grouped, logical events canproduce behavior that appears devoid of logic. 59. #DarwinIsTheShit 60. internal vs external validity do we want scientifically controlledstudiesor results that mirror the realworld? 61. internal vs external validityIRL meta-analysis, playa! 62. Successful Creativity isallowing restricted chancegive way to newknowledge. 63. exposure toanalogydistantformation informationexposure to effective criticalserendipity evaluation skills 64. early talent&sustained productivity ? 65. H= cT2 66. Read Voraciously & WidelyAllow Ideas to Incubate aka Prime 67. @carylannataylor 68. Price lawdistribution of productivity 69. Be the person (or community) othersfeel compelled to tell their ideas. 70. Your Creativity is LargelyCommunity-Determined 71. Experts & Creators arenecessary for successful creative communities. 72. the Paris-Kim hypothesis 73. 10%Output determines serendipity 74. 57x 75. hang aroundreally smartpeople. 76. Know thy audience. 77. Know thy audience.this is bullshit. 78. Know thy message. 79. Increase the nerdery in yourcommunity. 80. create thecommunityfor the ideasyou want. 81. create. nerds. 82. thank you.@SciencEric 83. be utterly fascinating