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An overview and step-by-step guide to using Optimal Resume to create a networking resume website.

Text of Optimal Website Builder Guide

  • 1. Optimal Website Users Guide

2. Pull it all together

  • Create a website
  • Include your:
    • Resume
    • Letter
    • Portfolio
    • Anything else you create!

3. Add pages to your website

  • Enable each type of document you want to appear on your website, then select a specific document.

4. Select a website style 5. Add a sidebar

  • Click Enable Sidebar to activate a social media sidebar

6. Select widgets

  • Select which items you want to be visible on your resume website
  • Be sure toinclude your profile URL for LinkedIn,Twitter, etc.

7. Activate website

  • Click Activate to make your website live
  • Share the URL of your website with employers and others

8. Measure success

  • Come back to view how many hits your website has received

9. Other options

  • Rename change the name of your document
  • Delete delete your portfolio
  • Clone make a copy of your website, likeSave As
  • To do Create a to-do list for yourself
  • Add PassKey Password protect your website
  • Preview See how your website will look when its live
  • Switch Websites open another website in the builder