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Find out more how Leap29 can help you. Visit www.leap29.com for more details or why not contact one of our specialist intermediaries today!


<ul><li>1.A world filled with opportunities <br /></li></ul> <p>2. DID YOU<br />KNOW<br />3. Thathave been taking the global<br />mobilisation<br />industry by storm for <br />10 years<br />Construction &amp; Engineering<br />Oil &amp; Gas<br />Renewable Energy<br />Legal &amp; <br />Business Services<br />Banking &amp; Finance<br />4. Quality controlled and audited, our<br />unique 6 search &amp; selection method defines job &amp; candidate suitability -fit<br />5. intermediariessecure new permanent andfreelance talent for clients via our 9 regionallyfocused teams<br />Norway<br />Russia<br />Europe &amp; UK<br />Denmark<br />UK<br />Russia &amp; CIS<br />Netherlands<br />Poland<br />Ireland<br />Sakhalin<br />Slovakia<br />Belgium<br />Ukraine<br />Germany<br />Switzerland<br />Romania<br />Azerbaijan<br />Austria<br />Hungary<br />France<br />Montenegro<br />Kazakhstan<br />Bulgaria<br />Croatia<br />South Korea<br />Italy<br />Turkmenistan<br />Spain<br />USA<br />Turkey<br />Japan<br />Afghanistan<br />Albania<br />China<br />Middle East<br />Syria<br />Morocco<br />Cyprus<br />Pakistan<br />Kuwait<br />Algeria<br />Lebanon<br />China<br />Libya<br />Egypt<br />Qatar<br />Dubai<br />Bahrain<br />Egypt &amp; North Africa<br />India<br />Abu Dhabi<br />Hong Kong<br />Mexico<br />Saudi Arabia<br />Oman<br />Thailand<br />Asia Pacific<br />Sudan<br />Vietnam<br />Sri Lanka<br />Brunei<br />Malaysia<br />India &amp; Sub Continent<br />Central &amp; South America<br />Nigeria<br />Africa<br />Indonesia<br />Singapore<br />Brazil<br />Peru<br />Australia<br />South Africa<br />6. DID YOU<br />KNOW<br />7. expertmultilingual recruitment intermediaries <br />are <br />providing their <br />unique services to thousands of companies and individuals all around the globe<br />8. 1,000people have been mobilised for over350individual customers into <br />63countries in the last <br />24months<br />9. DID YOU<br />KNOW<br />10. Thatoffers <br />3 targeted global <br />mobilisation search <br />assignment solutions<br />- Returning Nationals<br />- Niche Experts<br />- Top Local Talent<br />11. 1 of these solutions<br />can be the next step in securing the <br />talent your<br />organisation requires <br />12. NOW YOU<br />KNOW<br />13. ForGlobalStaffing<br /></p>