Farah Sidek for World’s Coolest Intern!

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Farah Sidek would love to be Standard Chartered Bank’s World’s Coolest Intern and she’d like your support! Website: www.farahsidek.com | Facebook: Farah Sidek = World’s Coolest Intern | Twitter: @farah_sidek

Text of Farah Sidek for World’s Coolest Intern!

  • 1. H i!
  • 2. This is Farah Sidek.
  • 3. Farah wants to be the Worlds Coolest Intern.
  • 4. Has she got what it takes to be the Worlds Coolest Intern?
  • 5. You betcha!
  • 6. Social Facebook 5% media Zzzzzz Twitter 10% 25% plays Internet 15% a big Just part of being cool 15% her Uni work 30% life.
  • 7. And Farah has the passion and skills to match!
  • 8. Social media:
  • 9. Writing for the web: W EB
  • 10. And thinking out of the box!
  • 11. Shes got the brains!
  • 12. Heres the proof! Bachelor of Master of Communications Social Science (Hons) Public Relations and ia Communications and New Med Professional Communication
  • 13. Support Farah Sidek for Worlds O SE HO Coolest Intern! C M E!
  • 14. Facebook: Farah Sidek = Worlds Coolest Intern Twitter: O SE HO @farah_sidek C M E! Website: www.farahsidek.com