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  • 1. Career Talk COMP2071

2. Where do you want to work? 3. Auto Career Alerts Everyone should setup automatic career alerts so you can find out about a job as soon as it is posted Read through the alerts and find a job you want and apply Always write a cover letter which includes the key words in the job posting. Even go as far as to copy and paste them, do not re-word them. You should also write a different resume for different types of jobs (example: networking resume, security resume, helpdesk resume, etc.) We will look at some examples which can be found on Blackboard 4. Online Tips Writing a Cover Letter & Tips letter/ Resume & Tips This is a good all-inclusive site: 5. Workopolis 1. 2. Setup an account, click on join now 6. Workopolis Fill out the info to setup an account Do not connect with Facebook unless your profile is completely job related 7. Workopolis Two things to do here: 1. Post your resume 2. Click on Advanced Search to create career alerts 8. Workopolis Points about posting your resume: You can upload your resume file and then edit items, this is usually faster to setup and all of your info gets included You can also use their resume builder which they say attracts more employers however I have not seen this result Benefits: Do this right away and when you have updates for your resume edit it on Workopolis Head Hunters WILL contact you when your resume gets posted Head Hunters and HR Companies use Workopolis to find people to fill jobs My friends and I have been contacted on many occasions 9. Workopolis Lets setup a job alert Click on advanced search and you will see the screen below Put in BMO as a keyword and Barrie, ON as location 10. Workopolis See results below Now to setup the alert , click on EMAIL ME JOBS LIKE THIS 11. Workopolis This pop up box is the alert creation Give it a name Say what frequency you want to receive the alert 12. BMO Career Tool 1. Go to: 2. Click on Search Canadian Jobs 13. BMO Career Tool 3. Click on Join Now 4. Setup an account and login 14. BMO Career Tool 5. Click on Detailed search 15. BMO Career Tool 6. Choose Technology and Operations in Banking Group 16. BMO Career Tool 7. Choose Barrie in Preferred City 8. Do not choose anything else 9. Hit Search 17. BMO Career Tool 10. See the results below 11. See the Name box at the bottom. This is where you will save your search 12. Put a name like Barrie and hit save 18. BMO Career Tool 13. We are going to create another saved search for BMO 14. Go to detailed search again and choose Technology and Operations in Banking Group 15. For the city this time choose Scarborough 16. Hit search and save this search as Scarborough 19. BMO Career Tool Now you need to set their tool to email you the saved searches 17. Go into Review/Edit Account 20. BMO Career Tool Now you need to set their tool to email you the saved searches 17. Go into Review/Edit Account 18. Scroll down and choose No to not remain anonymous 19. Then choose Yes to receive email alerts 21. Other Sites Some other sites you can look at setting up alerts on: 22. Final Points Some final important points to remember about these types of career searches and alerts LESS IS MORE: The least amount of search criteria will provide you with the most amount of results See that we put in location and BMO on Workopolis and found jobs We chose T&O in the drop down and chose locations and found jobs Also note, if you have an actual Job ID someone gave you. Search for the ID alone with no other parameters