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  • 1. Business theorists involving motivation for employees Elton Mayo & Fredrick Herzberg
  • 2. Elton Mayo (1880 1949) Elton Mayo believed that workers are not justc concerned with wages and salary but could be better motivated by managers interacting with their employees. He introduced the Human Relation School of thought, which focused on managers taking more of an interest in their employees and realizing that theyre also people with worthwhile opinions.
  • 3. His Experiments Mayo conducted a series of experiments in order to see how workers in differentconditions. These experiments were conducted in Hawthorne Valley of the Western Electric Company in Chicago.
  • 4. For the experiment he isolated two groups ofwomen workers and studied the effect on theirproductivity levels of changing factors such as lighting and working conditions.
  • 5. Mayo expected to see the quality of workproduced by the workers decline along with the conditions, showing a positive correlation between conditions and work produced.
  • 6. What Mayo saw surprised him, as he found that even though the working conditions got worsethe levels of productivity remained the same or got better.
  • 7. From this Mayo concludedMotivation is best done by; interaction between workers and managers, greater manager involvement in workers lives and working in groups or teams.
  • 8. Fredrick Herzberg (1923 hes not dead yet) Herzberg was a great believer in the Two-Factor Theory of Motivation. He argued like Mayo that there were certain factors in a business that could directly influence the work produced by employees through motivation. However he also knew that there was many factors in business that could directly demotivate employees.
  • 9. MotivatorsMotivators are more concerned with the actualjob itself. For instance how interesting the work is and how much opportunity it gives for extra responsibility, recognition and promotion.
  • 10. Hygiene Factors These are factors that surround the working environment and the actual job. For example a worker will only turn up to work if they know that theyre going to be paid and working in asafe environment. But these factors wont make work harder once theyre there.
  • 11. Herzberg believed that businesses should motivate employees by adopting a democratic approach to management and by improving the nature and content of the actual job through certain methods. Some of the methods managers could use to achieve this are: Job enlargement workers being given a greater variety of tasks to perform which should make the work more interesting. Cool also ders bare job responsibility nting Job enrichment - involves workers being given a wider range of more complex, interesting and challenging tasks surrounding a complete unit of work. This should give a greater sense of achievement. Empowerment means delegating more power to employees to make their own decisions over areas of their working life.
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