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Architecting Your UX Career: Interview and Presentation Techniques to Land Your Dream Job (Amanda Stockwell, Heather Young)

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Approaching a job search can be a daunting task for any professional, but the UX world has a unique set of challenges. Our field is still relatively new, job titles and responsibilities are fuzzy, and there are varying understandings of what we can and should provide. There is no one clear path or set of experience that sets us up for success. Deliverables are often collaborative, covered by NDAs, and it can be hard to capture the many facets of UX expertise into a small set of documents. So how do we navigate the world of resume-writing, portfolio-creation, and interviewing to find a job that will be the best fit for the skills we currently have and allow us to grow into the practitioner we want to become? Get the inside scoop from a current UX consultant and former interactive designer, both of whom are experienced with vetting UX talent.

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Architecting your UX Career Amanda Stockwell, UX Consultant @MandaLaceyS Heather Young, UX Community Manager @Heathery321 July 24, 2014 #UXCareer Presentation tips to land your next UX gig About Us @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer 7 years in UX User research Usability analysis Competitive research UX Consultant 12 years in interactive User-centered design Marketing communications UX community manager UX talent agent AMANDA STOCKWELL HEATHER YOUNG @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer 3500 Candidates reviewed 20% Skills are adequately represented Job Search Challenges Fuzzy denitions @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Job Search Challenges Ideal experience set @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Strategy Requirements Personas Site maps Work ows Wireframes Prototypes Visual design Research Testing Task Analysis Analytics Artifacts dont always demonstrate expertise @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer How do you know which deliverables to share? Job Search Challenges Fuzzy UX denitions No ideal experience set Artifacts dont always demonstrate expertise @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Job Search Challenges User Experience Tenets @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer User Research Content Strategy UI Design Usability Testing Interaction Design @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer User Experience Process Research Concept Design Evaluation Implement Interview Ethnography Competitor Analysis Persona Task Analysis Storyboarding Journey Maps Sketches Wireframes Visual Design Prototyping Testing Expert Review Performance Measurement Know the interviewer Research They may not have a solid understanding of your niche They are busy Know your audience @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Big Idea Know your audience and position yourself in a relatable way. Which artifacts to share? Content Strategy Show your design process not just the outcome Demonstrate how your work impacted the business Quantify its value (when possible) @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer PAR Content Strategy Problem > Action > Result @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Problem Action Result Customer calls to call center up due to a site map thats not intuitive Reviewed user activity through site analytics. Re congured naming conventions for navigation, realigned content Calls to the call center reduced Sales are down. Customers are not completing the check out process. Recommended shorter form requiring less time. Enhanced microinteractions for a better experience. Customer conversion rate increased and sales are up Keep track of your work Content Strategy @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Talent seekers care more about your process than your nal product @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Big Idea Highlight the most important pieces UI Design @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Quality over quantity Find a way to make it presentable It doesnt have to be pretty, but it needs to be memorable @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Big Idea Feedback is critical to anyone trying to improve Usability Testing @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Rehearse walking through your portfolio pieces Testing your delivery is just as important as testing a new feature or product @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Big Idea Successful UX pros demonstrate more than their artifacts and end results (Personal) Interaction Design @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer They establish personal connections. @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer UX super stars have the communication skills of a pro negotiator and the patience of a kindergarten teacher @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Big Idea Recap @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer User Research Content Strategy UI Design Usability Testing Interaction Design Some examples ... E X A M P L E: PAR (Problem Action Result) E X A M P L E: Design process E X A M P L E: Test Reports E X A M P L E: Persona creation E X A M P L E: Skills snapshot E X A M P L E: Design process E X A M P L E: Sketches E X A M P L E: Competitive Analysis E X A M P L E: Skill snapshot E X A M P L E: Artifact explanation E X A M P L E: Task Analysis E X A M P L E: Concepting Biggest Idea These techniques can open the door to opportunities you didnt know existed @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer @MandaLaceyS @Heathery321 #UXCareer Questions