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Wordpress SEO - Wordcamp Seattle #wcsea

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Wordpress SEO presentation from Wordcamp Seattle in 2011

Text of Wordpress SEO - Wordcamp Seattle #wcsea

  • 1.Wordpress SEO

2. So
I may speak fast, but Ill upload slides.
#1 distilled.co.uk/blog
#2 twitter.com/JustinRBriggs
3. How do I do better in Google?
4. Wordpress Can Handle Most SEO
(the mechanics at least)
5. But SEO Is a Bit More Complicated
6. What Do You Need To Know?
7. Passing Link Value
Source: http://seomoz.org
8. Passing Link Value
Source: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/pagerank-sculpting/
9. Anchor Text
Source: http://seomoz.org
10. Keyword Research
Source: http://seomoz.org
11. Source: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/perfecting-keyword-targeting-on-page-optimization
12. Fundamentals
Source: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-the-seo-fundamentals-pyramid
13. The Mechanics
14. Themes
15. Permalinks
Just like Danny Devito, URLs should be short, relevant
and easy to remember.
- Danny Dover
16. SEO Plugins
All-in-One SEO: http://bit.ly/SFGb
Headspace: http://bit.ly/SRYzq
Robots Meta: http://bit.ly/DT0l
YoastWordpress SEO Plugin:
In Beta
17. Titles
Job Search Made Simple| Simply Hired
Simply Hired | Job Search Made Simple
Job Search Made Simple
Job Search, Jobs, Find Jobs, Career Search
Simply Hired
18. Meta Descriptions
This acts as ad copy.
19. Meta Keywords
"we don't use this information at all"
20. Duplicate Content
Source: http://www.elliance.com/
21. Internal Linking

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22. Linking inside posts 23. Use sidebar, footer, and menu.