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From Ultra Boring to Super AwesFoundational Paperwork for Creative Success

Welcome and thank you. Bit out of my element LOVE its being recordedHope you find this useful. 1

Hello!Im Robbie Moore cd at 3 Media Web design professor sweet spot unicorns grandad

I walk clients through the creative process to a custom WP site 15 y.o. / wide team of 12 / 300 active clients taught/developed courses as an adjunct for 14 years depth of knowledge in h.e. establish a creative process to boost $10K projects to $15-50K. Were getting there consistently. Been around for a while, not that uncommon at my age to have a rather broad skillset. My Goal: IF you end up using this info and you find this useful, I want to hear from you! Truly, thatll make my day.2

Hold on a sec, am I in the right room? ramping up: 4-figure to 5-figure generic themes to custom sites

Everyones welcome! If youre banging out 6-figure projects in your sleep, good on ya. Likely a more robust system whole different talk This is for smaller shops/solopreneurs who dont know much about/have a process. I use this weekly. It was missing. It works.3

Whats your problem? feel like a creative doormat hourly rate is maxed out dont have a delightful process

MAYBE you connect with these pain points

Our handsome, fit fellow here. Doormat delivery man. So, yeah, Im not here to deliver creative doormats, Im here to help.4

Goals not be a creative doormat charge more $$ to enjoy designing awesome WP sites

You may connect with one or more of these goals What about combining all three? To me, thats a design superhero, but what IS a design superhero?5

Design superhero super powers do gooder someone in distress trust your skills aweadmiration

Design skills, coding expertise, great bedside manner w/clientsRescue someone (more on that in a bit)The first two Im hoping you have, the second two I can help you with today, the last two, those are the outcomes.6

Save me! MIPNITR your new best friend


Hold it! Lets talk about this. Save whom? Most Important Person Not In the Room (damsel in distress) the actual user your new best friend your job is to advocate for them as your budget increases, youll be relying more and more of you knowledge of the MIPNITR7

You have the skills youre more user savvy than the client (

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