WordCamp Miami 2014 - Kickstart Your Non-Profit or Small Business with WordPress

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If you are a startup business, especially a non-profit, you are probably struggling for funding. This talk will demonstrate how we used WordPress in some creative ways to do a lot more than just run our website. Strategy, trade-offs and favorite plugins will also be discussed.

Text of WordCamp Miami 2014 - Kickstart Your Non-Profit or Small Business with WordPress

  • 1. Kickstart Your Non-Prot or Small Business with WordPress Rick Tuttle @ricktuttle papasoft.com

2. Mother of Future Bloggers 3. Father of Bloggers 4. How We Use WordPress to Mobilize Our Community to Fight Human Sex Tracking, Restore Survivors and Bring Scumbags to Justice What I Wanted the Title To Be 5. Startup Case Study 6. Jorge Veitia ! Executive Director, SOL Media SOLmedia.net @sol_media 7. Starting Up Multiple Websites SOLMedia.net SharingOneLove.org LOFCenter.org FreedomAndHopeRally.org 8. Starting Up Donations Forms Newsletter Social Media 9. WordPress Es Super Bueno!!! Es muy fcil ! Muchos Temas ! Plugins Mejor ! Viva La Comunidad ! 10. Not All Good Easy to get 90% Absurdly painful to achieve the remaining 10% Custom can cost you $$$$ 11. Get over the 10% and 12. Voltaire (possibly) The perfect is the enemy of the good. Rick Tuttle Get over the 10% 13. papasoft.com/plugins 14. Pro Theme Package Well worth the money Stick with one vendor if they have common plugins and admin features Be happy with the 90% 15. Plugins Popular or Pro SEO Newsletter Integration Social Media Sensei (Training) Custom Post Types UI Adv Custom Fields Calendar (Modern Tribe) CiviCRM 16. Forms Contact Event Registration Volunteer Screening Incident Reporting Zapier Automation Get Creative! 17. Forms -> Custom Post Types Dene Your CPT Add Custom Fields Gravity Forms creates CPT Use WP Admin to manage CPT and workow 18. Getting It Done With the 90% Phone Outreach Call Logs Street Outreach Incident Reports Maps Used by Coordinators and Law Enforcement 19. WordPress isnt always the tool of choice. ! ! Thats OK. Pick the right tool for the job. 20. Own It! 21. Rick Tuttle If building websites were like building a house then WordPress would be a double-wide. 22. What if we did the equivalent of Extreme Home Makeover for a charitable organization's web presence, with a highly skilled, motivated and directed team of professionals working together to revive a local charity? 23. AgentsOfKindness.org 24. Questions? Rick Tuttle ! @ricktuttle ! Papasoft.com ! AgentsofKindness.org Jorge Veitia ! @sol_media ! SOLMedia.net ! SharingOneLove.org ! LOFCenter.org