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In a post-recession corporate world, culture has become the new competitive advantage. A new white paper from Ryan Estis & Associates examines how leaders can follow proven best practices to create a positive culture and lead teams of engaged, confident, motivated employees. The white paper, Winning with Culture: How Leadership Drives Engagement & Performance, includes new research on leadership and employee engagement from Modern Survey and insight from leaders at companies with top-rated employee engagement: technology company Red Hat, agricultural credit group Farm Credit Services of America and Minneapolis health care system Park Nicollet Health Services.


  • 1. WINNING CULTUREHow Leadership Drives Engagement & Performance
  • 2. Ryan EstisKeynote Speaker & BusinessPerformance Expert
  • 3. Sarah Hornsby, vice president of humanresources at Park Nicollet HealthServices.
  • 4. As a leader, you need toanswer the question How are we makingsure the best ideasinside the organizationare coming forward?Ryan EstisCEO of Ryan Estis & Associates
  • 5. Only 41% ofemployeeshaveconfidencein seniormanagement.Only 46% ofemployees feelmanagementcommunicateseffectively.Source: Modern Survey Fall 2012 National Norms Study
  • 6. Great leaders respectthe contribution thatevery employee makesto the organization asa whole.Don MacPhersonPresident of Modern Survey,
  • 7. Ryan Estis & Associates | 800-480-0455 | www.ryanestis.comEngagedemployees have asense of personalaccomplishmentat work.Don MacPherson, President of Modern Survey,
  • 8. Employeeswho think theircompany is doing betternow than last year tend to:believe their companyis headed in theright direction.have confidence intheir companys future.believe they have apromising future attheir company.Source: Modern Survey Fall 2012 National Norms Study
  • 9. If we can growpeople to be betterpeople first, theywill be betteremployees second.Doug StarkCEO of Credit Services of America
  • 10. U.S. Leadership & Development Training$13.6billion2012 Bersin & Associates Leadership Development FactbookU.S. companies have increased leadership development spending 14% over 2011 levels to an estimated $13.6 billion in 2012.
  • 11. The lasting benefitsof a highly engagedworkforce will alsocontribute toward anorganizationsperformance andmarket position.Source: Modern Survey
  • 12. To read more about the value of values,howsenior leadership can drive engagement,andwhy employees need to own their own employeeengagement,download our free whitepaper at
  • 13. WINNING CULTUREHow Leadership Drives Engagement & PerformanceRyan Estis & Associates | 800-480-0455 |