Why we sell on Etsy and why you should too

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Ever considered starting an online store? Here is one way to start selling online without the hassle of having to first build a site and then fight your way to the top of the pile before making a sale. You can sell online on Etsy with a start up cost as low as .20c and let Etsy promote you for as little as $5 a week.


<ul><li> 1. art je we lrysho p.co m http://artjewelrysho p.co m/why-we-sell-o n-etsy/Why we sell on Etsy and why you should too.by SteviniPSo you want to make some money online by selling to the public? Take the easyroad to prof it and sell on Etsy.We sell all our jewelry on Etsy. Every item we post about on this blog islisted f or sale on Etsy and we do not accept credit card, PayPal or checkpayments on this site. Why? Ill tell you why.We want our buyers to trust the people they give their credit card inf o toand because we are new and have yet to establish buyer trust we let Etsydeal with the credit card payments because they are a trusted entity. Inshort our buyers are saf e and we like it that way.For t hose t hat want t o sell product s online:T he very f irst thing you need to know about selling on Etsy is that the start-up cost is very low. To open thestore costs you nothing and to add items f or sale only cost you 20 cents per item.T he main reason f or selling on Etsy is that you have the ability to sell to credit card buyers and even peoplewho want to buy with PayPal.Why not start your own online store? Ill tell you why.If you were to start a online store you would f irst have to build a site and then get it hosted. Site hostingcosts money. Just having a site name and hosting gets you nowhere. You have to have a actual site thatpeople can search f or and f ind.Good site templates cost money, hosting costs money and you will need to learn how to optimize your sitef or search traf f ic in order f or your products to be f ound by potential buyers. You might think this is easy butlet me tell you it is not. Internet marketing is very competitive and it could take months of hard works and abunch of money to gain you good quality traf f ic. Traf f ic f rom people that you hope will buy f rom you.With a online store of your own you will need to set up a bank account to accept credit cards and that is initself not easy to do. Im not saying it is imposable to do. Possible yes but it takes time while on Etsy yousimply have to connect your personal bank account to your Etsy store to collect credit card payments and itcan be done in just a f ew minutes. T he big big reason f or accepting payments f rom credit cards on Etsy isthat Etsy is trusted while you and your new online store will have no buyer conf idence or trust. T hink aboutit. Would you rather give your credit card inf o to a individual with a brand new store or would you pref er togive it to a trusted business like Etsy?T he other reason f or wanting to sell on Etsy is that Etsy promotesyour products on their site and Etsy is also well represented insearch engines. When people search f or products Etsy productswill come up on the f irst page of the search engine results. If youwere going to try to get your products on the f irst page of search</li></ul> <p> 2. engine results it is going to take some time and money to do this.How do the products get on the f irst page of search results? Etsyinvests in their sellers and pays f or the online advertising out oftheir own pocket. To learn more about it click the link; EtsyInvesting in Google Product Listing Ads f or SellersSure Etsy charges you f or putting your products on their site andyou do pay a small percentage of the sale to Etsy when you do sellsomething but again the costs to you are minimal. In one af ternoon and at the cost of one dollar you canopen an Etsy store and list 5 products f or sale. Talk about low cost start-up.Etsy even teaches you how to promote your products and will give you tips to help you make your productslook good. T he Etsy seller resources are very helpf ul and they are f ree. Etsy has a motive to help you sellyour products because that is how they make their money so by having an Etsy store you have a powerf ulpartner in your corner. Going it alone puts you out there without any back up and tons of competitors whowould rather see you f ail.When people search f or products on Etsy they already have the intent to buy something. How wonderf ul isthat? Knowing that your Etsy store is being visited by people with the intent to buy is a major advantage initself . All you have to do is make sure your product looks good and even here Etsy helps you by teachingyou how to do just that. Again Etsy wants you to sell your products so they teach you how to do that. Gohere to f ind out more T he Seller HandbookLets say you want to invest a bit more money into your online business. You might want to pay f oradvertizing and here again Etsy makes it easy f or you to do just that. You can buy online ads f rom Etsy f oras little as 5 dollars a week and all you have to do is pick your keywords and Etsy will do the rest. Go here tof ind out more about Search ads on EtsySimply put, Etsy is a f antastic way to launch a online store and make extra money f rom selling productsonline.Does Etsy guarantee that you will make money? No like everything in lif e the more you put into it the moreyou get out of it but all in all the amount of ef f ort and money you have to put into your Etsy store is f ar lessthan trying to do it yourself .In f ull disclosure I have jet to sell anything on Etsy but we have just had the store f ore a f ew weeks and Ihave been very busy building this and other blogs so I have not put too much ef f ort into the store at all. I willbe investing more time and ef f ort into the store and Im very conf idant that I will sell and make money onEtsy.Disclosure:I was not compensated f or this post. I am writing this blog post because I f eel Etsy is a great resource f orpeople who want to sell products and make some extra money. Etsy did not ask me to post this and I did notask their permission to post about them. My opinions are my own and may dif f er f rom yours. I dontguarantee that you will make money and take no responsibility f or any losses you might incur f rom usingEtsy to sell your products.You can f ind my Etsy store here T he Art Jewelry StoreAbout me: 3. My name is Steve Potgieter and I own two blogs. Giveaway Gator and Art Jewelry ShopI specialize in online promotional giveaways and just recently got into making and selling Jewelry online onEtsy. I f igure if I am this good at promoting others why not promote something of my own.</p>