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Our reason for being


  • 1. Social Media Strategy The RealTime Marketing Group Promise: Social Media may be the best choice you can make for your business, but if it is not, we will tell you

2. Why we do social 24 of top 25 Newspapers experiencing record declines in circulation 3. Only 18% of traditional TV campaigns generate a positive ROI90% of people with DVR skip ads. 14% of consumers trust advertising 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations 4. That is why we use social media! 5. We care about Results! 560 Unique Posts in 3 hours Over 86,000 impressions Approximately 100 participants NEVER DONE BEFORE! 6. or Local Magazine 1 full page ad $1,500 - $2,000 Impressions 25,000 7. Social Media Solutions for your brand 8. We design Custom Landing Pages that will build your brand and increase ROI. We optimize your profile thru: Profile pics Specialty tabs Obtaining emails Interactions & More 9. What else can we do on landing pages? 10. We tailor interaction to increase your fan engagement Facebook sets a value to your page based upon the number of likers, customer interaction, and response to postswe work with you to make sure you are maximizing that value. 11. STAY CONNECTED WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS , in a real-time way Quickly share knowledge -on- demand and receive feedback Build relationships with customers, partners, and everyone that cares about your company See what everyone is saying about your company and gain early insight on wants and needs get a competitive advantage Track your company growth, target your followers and keep connected, deliver value-driven customer service with a simple TWEET REAL TIME MARKETING GROUP 12. REAL TIME MARKETING GROUP 13. We develop and produce high-quality, commercial length, videos. Your customers learn in different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen, and some need to see it on video. We help you cover all the bases. 14. Connections Find out where colleagues or other companies are checking in (fruitful for business) Promotions Through badges, points, tips and deals you can attract new and current customers Endorsements Allows your customers thoughts to reach the masses Publicity With each check-in people can leave a tip best partthat tip is then shown when people check in at venues NEAR yours! REAL TIME MARKETING GROUP RealTime will provide a social media strategy including recommendations for promotions and rewards targeted towards your customers using location based services 15. RealTime Marketing Group Email marketing is probably one of the most cost-effective tools available to a business owner. Whether you want to stay in front of prospects who are in "research" mode or up-selling current customers, an email campaign can help. Communicate regularly with your client Share the latest news and promotions in an cost-effective way Provide a value that will keep you top of mind Track your results!!! Our local campaigns have between 25% - 60% open rate 16. Mobile Marketing Connects with Consumers and Drives Action! Mobile Marketing Create Immediacy & Urgency! Texts are typically read within an average of 4 minutes after receipt While 65% of e-mail is spam, less than 10% of Texts are spam There are twice as many active users of Text as are active users of email The average age of a Text user is 39! The number of texts sent in the U.S. has exceeded the number of calls each year since 2008. Text Messaging Campaigns build a database of consumers you can reach in an instant!