Why My DOTS Are Better

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As a printer, we love themand we hate them. DOTS!Sometimes theyre perfect, other times they can fall off the sheet, be the wrong size or even not be large enough to stick to a sheet.So what makes your DOTS better than the shops down the street?


  • 1. Differentiating Yourself & Your Company September 2011

2. Real life experience

  • None of this is made-up sales jargon
  • I actually have sold printing, offset & digital
  • 15+ years in print sales
  • 100 million in sales over my career
  • Mostly digital in last 5 years

3. What makes your DOTS better: YOU! 4. Every printer sells: DOTS 5. DOTS, DOTS, DOTS Make your DOTS interesting, entertaining, persuasive. Sell more than just the DOTS. 6. Print partner more than ink or toner on paper.All printers can print, some better than others. Do your other printers know how to bring more value to your relationship? Does your current printer help educate you on new products in the market?In the past year, has your printer helped you grow your business? 7. Partner Everyone is looking for a way to do more with lesswe have heard this statement over and over.With a Partner you are getting another member of your team, without the employee overhead. 8. Dependable, honest, hardworking, Rep seeks work! The best part is that I work for you, for free. To prove to you how confident I am that I can make your advertising/printing produce better results, I will test market 25 Variable Data postcards for you at no cost.I guarantee that I will generate at least 10% greater number of responses than your current partner! With this offer you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 9. Dont be just a typical DOT

  • Establish your credibility
  • Introduce a memorable approach
  • Bring real value
  • Introduce the partner concept
  • Prove your worth

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