Why Does a Business Need Mobile Ecommerce App

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  • Why Does a Business Need Mobile Ecommerce App

    Not a lot happens from desk top computers these days, as laptop travels to and frofrom work. Smart phones are now used for almost daily requirements. The free timepeople have is utilized in searching for a product online or looking forrecommendations and comparisons.

    As per the International Telecommunications Union, 2010, saw mobile subscriptionsall over the world reaching 5 billion. The mobile web technology trend provides alot of opportunities and challenges for businesses.

    Introduce Mobile CRM to Your Business

  • The number of phone and mobile CRM apps are growing by the day, providing arange of functionality. Sales teams in businesses are finding Mobile CRM as animportant tool for business. But, sales is not the only department it is benefiting. It ishelping many facets of businesses, in a time where meetings, day to day businessesand marketing pitches take place out of the office, from home or any other virtualspace.

    Mobile Platforms Which Are Fully Transactional

    Fully transactional mobile platforms are being embraced in the world of mobileecommerce app. The objective is to provide a comprehensive multi-media content,transaction and interaction in mobile phones that are fully secure.

    For example, a customer can search, pay, order and select and conduct follow upservice from mobile phones. Customers expect this level mobility and anecommerce business not providing it will be quickly left behind.

    As expected, developers in Japan are taking this flexibility to new levels. Thecountry has a fascination for vending machines and it has led to a number of newdevelopments. They include vending machines that behave like a smart phone, asthey have display screens and customers can touch to order. Along with thesemachines, customers can use their iPad, PDA or phone to make a purchase.

  • Rise in Mobile Advertising

    There is continuous competition in the world of mobile advertising. Google cameinto a powerful position with the acquisition of giant network AdMob. It is nowgetting almost 2 billion requests every day. But, there are other competitors as wellincluding Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple, who would like to ensure that they get apiece of this pie.

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