Why care about Social Media Marketing (for B2B)?

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<ol><li> 1. Digital VidyaSocial Media Marketing (for B2B) Workshopwww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 2. Digital VidyaWhat is Digital Marketing?www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 3. Digital VidyaThe process of reaching out to andengaging with your customers/users throughDigital Media (Internet, Email, Mobile)www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 4. Digital VidyaSEM or PPCSEO or Organic Searchwww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 5. Digital Vidyawww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 6. Digital Vidya Social MediaSEO Website/PresenceOnlineEmail &amp; MobileAdvertising Marketingwww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 7. Digital VidyaMantra for Success in Digital Marketing V isibilityRelevancyAre you visible to your target audience?Are you relevant? (Platform, Message &amp; Time) C redibility Will your Target Audience trust you? www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 8. Digital VidyaWhat is Social Media? www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 9. Digital VidyaWhos the head of Social MediaMarketing at McDonalds?Customer!www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 10. Digital VidyaWhy care about Social Media? www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 11. Digital VidyaNo of Users (Million)PlatformGlobal IndiaFacebook 900+50+Twitter250+12+LinkedIn 160+13+www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 12. Digital VidyaIs it just Sales &amp; Marketing? www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 13. Digital Vidya MarketingHR NOSales Ideation/Product Dev CRM www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 14. Digital VidyaSearch for your name on Google!www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 15. Digital VidyaSocial Search=www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 16. Digital VidyaB2B - Digital and Social Media B2B spending in Online to double over next 5years. From US$ 2.3b in 2009 to US$ 4.8b in2014 (Forrester) In the same period, B2B spending on SocialMedia will grow by 490% (Forrester) 69% of B2B buyers use social networks"primarily for business networking anddevelopment (KnowledgeStorm)www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 17. Digital VidyaTimings cant be Better!Opportunity to build competitive edge www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 18. Digital Vidyawww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 19. Digital VidyaLets look at &amp; learn from few Success Stories! www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 20. Digital VidyaEvalueservewww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 21. Digital Vidyawww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 22. Digital VidyaB2B Lead Generationwww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 23. Digital VidyaB2B Lead Generationwww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 24. Digital Vidyawww.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 25. Digital VidyaWhat are you waiting for?Do you think you have an option? www.digitalvidya.com </li><li> 26. Digital VidyaThank You! Our upcoming Social Media Trainings BangaloreDelhiMumbaiSocial Media Marketing Oct 4-5 Nov 20-21 Dec 4-5Advanced Facebook MarketingOct 20 - Nov 17 (Instructor-led, Online Course) More details @ www.digitalvidya.com/MyDigitalVidya /digitalvidyabit.ly/dv-grpwww.digitalvidya.com</li></ol>