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Who's Afraid of SEO

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Presented to Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs, 8/7/11 by Karri Carlson, Marketing & Development at Leadtail. http://marketing.leadtail.comhttp://twitter.com/leadtailhttp://facebook.com/leadtail

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2. WHAT IS SEO ?SEO = Search Engine Op/miza/on the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid search results. Source: Wikipedia 3. IN OTHER WORDSHow the heck do I get found online? How do I get people to visit my site? Do I have to pay to get on Page 1 of Google? Source: Everyone We Talk To 4. PAID RESULTS PAID RESULTS NATURAL RESULTS 5. 2530% CLICKS 7075% CLICKS Source: MarkeKngSherpa 6. 121 MILLION Number of searches performed on Google every hour. Source: SearchEngineLand 7. THREE KEYS TO SEO Get crawled by Google Create bloody good content Relentless pursuit of quality links 8. GET CRAWLED BY GOOGLE 9. GET CRAWLED BY GOOGLE Use Google Webmaster Tools Mind your meta tags Minimize the use of Flash 10. GET CRAWLED BY GOOGLEUse Google Webmaster Tools hUp://www.google.com/webmasters Google will give you several methods to verify that you own this website Use www.xml-sitemaps.com to create a sitemap document to submit to Google Submit your sitemap via the Webmaster Tools Dashboard Go do something fun it may take several days for Google to crawl your site Return later to check out how Google sees your site Crawl Errors will indicate any pages Google could not access Search Queries tell you which search terms are bringing people to your site Keywords will tell you what Google thinks your site is about Links to your site will tell you exactly that whos linking to you 11. GET CRAWLED BY GOOGLE Mind Your META Tags In most cases, Google uses your meta tags something like this: So, make sure your tag makes a good headline for your page. Give each page a unique e.g., each product page includes the product name. Use your tag to reinforce why someone should click thru to your page. 12. GET CRAWLED BY GOOGLEMinimize Use of Flash Remember our friends at Sujus Coee? Dont let this happen to you! 13. BLOODY GOOD CONTENT 14. BLOODY GOOD CONTENT Keywords (what youre about) Press releases Photos and video Case studies, tutorials Lists, reviews, raKngs 15. Bloody good CONTENTKeywords hUps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Keywords are the handful of words and phrases you want to strongly associate with your brand, products, website, and social presence online. Think about a few anchor words that describe what you do/make/sell e.g., soap, socks, photography, art prints, cards, catering Add modiers to make it specic to you and your customers Geographic: Bay Area pet photography, Product oriented: handmade angora kneesocks Customer oriented: online storefronts for arKsans 3-4 word phrases work best as they get preUy specic about who this site is for Use the Google Keyword Tool to see variaKons and monthly search volume 16. Bloody good CONTENTPress Releases hUp://www.bestonlineadverKsingstu.com/2009/11/best-free-and- aordable-press-release-services/ Dont worry - its not the Daily Press Brieng at the White House Anything happening in your business that supports your story is newsworthy! You hired a new person, or signed a new client Your business will be represented at an event (sponsor, speaker, etc.) Youve conducted a survey and want to share the results Use your keyword phrases liberally, but naturally, in each press release Create a News secKon for your website and post your press releases Dont forget to push out your news via Facebook, TwiUer, and Email Press releases can be duplicated across the web without any penalty from Google Press release services can help you distribute your news to relevant media outlets 17. Bloody good CONTENT Photos & Video Use the ALT tag to associate keywords with images Create a text transcript for your videos; include your website URL, too News is given preferenKal treatment in search results (remember press releases!) 18. Bloody good CONTENTLists, How Tos, Reviews. Over 300 MILLION Google searches each month include the phrase how to Over 124 MILLION Google searches each month include the word review Experiment with the format that makes the most sense for your site Lists of tools, products, vendors you recommend Reviews or wrap ups describing an event you aUended Video tutorials that show people how you create your product See what categories people are searching for using Googles Keyword Tool hUps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal 19. LIIIIIInks! 20. LINKS! Quality over quanKty Marketplaces & directories Social media links 21. LINKS!Quality over QuanKty Google uses a system called Page Rank as shorthand for a sites authority The higher the Page Rank, the more Google trusts this site and the sites it links to You want links from sites that have high Page Rank Use Page Rank Checker to see the current page rank for any site hUp://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php How do you get sites to link to you? Give to get put a link on your site to theirs Comment on their blog/arKcles Follow and engage them on Facebook, TwiUer, LinkedIn, etc. Ask them (nicely) 22. LINKS! Marketplaces & Directories Marketplaces and directories can do some of the heavy liqing SEO work for you Marketplaces and directories opKmize their overall site to aUract people interested in the products their members sell Many marketplaces oer promoKonal tools to help you get more visibility Marketplaces succeed when their members succeed talk to other sellers to nd out what is working for them, and where else you might want to list 23. LINKS!Social Media Links The big search engines are working hard to gure out how to best interpret links and menKons from social media sites. These links can be very important when someone is searching for YOU Use your social media proles to drive people back to your store/website 24. CLIMB TO THE TOP 25. Climb to the top Clean up your website (meta tags, no ash, etc.) No subsKtute for relevant content Get lots of quality sites linking to you SEO is a process, not an event; change takes Kme Lots of resources to help 26. TOOLS AND LINKSGoogle Webmaster Tools hUp://www.google.com/webmasters Free XML Sitemap Generator hUp://www.xml-sitemaps.com VIDEO: How Google Uses Meta Tags in Search Results hUp://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35624#1 Why Flash & SEO Dont Mix hUp://www.seomoz.org/blog/ash-and-seo-compelling-reasons-why-search-engines-ash-sKll-dont-mix Google Keyword Tool hUps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Best Free & Aordable Press Release Services hUp://www.bestonlineadverKsingstu.com/2009/11/best-free-and-aordable-press-release-services/ Page Rank Checker hUp://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php More resources for online markeKng, adverKsing, and social media hUp://markeKng.leadtail.com/resources/ 27. Thank You, Monsters 28. Leadtail helps marketers, adverKsers, and business owners navigate the cluUered, confusing world of online markeKng. Wed love to talk about how we can help you, too! Karri Carlson [email protected] @heykarri, @Leadtail Marke/ng.Leadtail.com www.facebook.com/Leadtail