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With a clear focus on the outcomes, e-Marketing becomes the critical ROI driver, producing cost effective customer retention management, increasing lead generation and sales conversion (generally at lower costs), tracking customer and brand issues and highlighting them for quick resolution, and improving customer loyalty, satisfaction.


  • 1.White Paper 2Member MarketingIdeationJune 9, 2010The B.O.S.S. Group Inc.2 Bloor Street WestSuite 2601Toronto OntarioM4w 2E2

2. White Paper 2Ideal ClientOne of the most important determining factors in building anonline business, or a businesswithan effectivesales/marketing online presence is the consideration of itstarget marketin other words, understanding who is the idealclient? For example, you wouldnt market your product thesame way to a tween as you would to an adult.Understanding and identifying the ideal client, how will theyuse this online presence, and what message you want todeliver is the most valuable piece to the marketing puzzle.Knowing information about your target market such as incomelevel, family status, demographics and psychographics helpyou relate to the ideal client. Gathering information on habits,attitudes, perceptions and past behaviours that relate to yourbrand will help your online presence evolve as your marketevolves.Tone and ImageThe way an ideal client perceives you, your company, and yourproduct will, in large part, be based on the tone and imagethey receive from the message you deliver. Do you want to beperceived as funny and casual, or formal? Understanding whathelps you better relate to your target audience is a main focus.Ask yourself: what will target audiences believe about me andmy brand based on my tone and image? Will it be the mosteffective?FeaturesIdentifying the specific features an online presence willencompass allows the design team to create user-benefit-2White Paper Copyright The B.O.S.S. Group 3. White Paper 2focused features that will not only attract users to investigatethe site, but will help to retain the relationship. Knowing whatfeatures are the most important and vital to an onlinepresences success will help to focus our attention on the maincogs to the engine, versus spending valuable resources onmoot points. We use the discussion to define the key featuresof the online experience.Values and BenefitsWhen a lead/prospect comes to the site, the main feeling he orshe should have is that there is a value and benefit intrinsicwith the offering. Creating a tangible, perceived value to thetarget audiences is what will drive retention and convert leadsinto actual customers. To know the core value of the offeringwe must ask: what one point summarizes its unique value?What are the other key value points and benefits of theoffering?Communication ObjectivesUnderstanding what objectives you are trying to communicatewill help you and your online presence deliver a message witha clear voice that is understood by all and related to by yourtarget audience. The communications objectives most oftenidentified include: to increase brand awareness, convertvisitors into paying clients, to promote new features, toweaken competitor assault, to deliver a unified message.Competitive DifferentiationWhen visitors and customer know what differentiates yourbrand from others and see its value, you have built acompetitive differentiator. Understanding what is offered byyour competitors and what makes your offering different is the3White Paper Copyright The B.O.S.S. Group 4. White Paper 2primary attribute to defining competitive differentiation. Anexample of competitive differentiation is to deliver somethingunique that the consumers are looking for in a specificcategory of lifestyle.Knowing how you want to position the brand in consumersminds and what makes your brand the most prominent willallow your value proposition to cut through the competitiveclutter. When creating competitive differentiation, somequestions to ask yourself are: What is the core essence of mybrand? How will my brand and online presence differentiateitself from my competitors?Marketplace PositioningFor a product or service to become successful in terms of salesand in generating revenues, it must be properly positioned inthe market. A product that is not positioned in its idealmarket, price-point, target group, or sales channel may lack insales performanceeven though this is not due to the productitself. For example, winter coats may generate very low salesin warm climates, but that doesnt mean there is no market forwinter coats; it only means there is a greater opportunity incolder climates. Knowing how to position your product in themarket, and in which markets, can lead to sure-fire success.What is the opportunity you see in the marketplace? What dowe have to do with the brand to grasp this opportunity?The Provocative EmoteEvery product or service in the market that holds brandawareness typically resonates with the customer and offersa positive emotion with its use or consumption.Understanding how your brand can provoke emotion andengage the ideal client is what will separate your product orservice from the pack.In determining what provokesemotion by your brand, you must ask yourself What should4 White Paper Copyright The B.O.S.S. Group 5. White Paper 2our communication make consumers feel, think and do?What is the response we are looking for in consumers tomake the decision to join? What are the barriers in theconsumers mind that stand in the way of joining?About The B.O.S.S. GroupThe B.O.S.S. Group Inc. was created in 2004 by seniorcorporate executives with one overriding purpose to workwith progressive companies that recognize the need toengage their clients and customers in a meaningful way,and by doing so, increase sales and revenue.The B.O.S.S. Group unites social and online, giving ourclients the opportunity to reach their customers by allowingthem to participate in the most unique blending of web,mobile, social, direct mail, loyalty and analytics.As a true digital marketing partner, we develop thestrategies and offer the products to engage current clientbase, acquire new clients and build brand value in themarketplace.Contact UsThe B.O.S.S. Group Inc.2 Bloor Street WestSuite 2601Toronto OntarioM4w 2E2Or call 416 948 9093Or e-mail connect@bossgroup.ca5 White Paper Copyright The B.O.S.S. Group


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