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Beginner learner what do you dowhat people dowhere they work

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2. Im a dentist Im afirefighter Im an astronautIm ateacher 3. Im a police officerIm a doctor 4. 5. Im a student, and I have a part time job Im a full - time student 6. Where do you work? I work at/in a restaurant Where do yougo to school? I go to the USB Cali 7. 8. In the afternoon In the evening In the morning 9. OnI study . Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday weekdays weekend 10. 11. 12. I get up,I take a shower ,get dressed,have / eat breakfast ,brush my teeth,go to the university 13. 14. Theyrepolice officers 15. 16. They work at the police station 17. She works at Nirvana Travel Agency 18. She informs people aboutthe touristic plans 19. 20. A: What do you do for a living? A: What is your occupation?B: I'm a____(mechanic)___________.A: A__________(mechanic)? That must be a lot of work .B: It is. Every day I ______(fix)_____ (cars).A: How interesting. How many___(cars)_____ do you __(fix)____?B: I ___(fix)_____ about __(8)____ __(cars)____ every day. 21. Shes a secretaryShe works in an officeShetypes letter 22. Sheis an electricianShemaintains electric appliances 23. Heworks in an office / at the hospitalHelistens to patientsandgives advice Hes a psychologist 24. Shes a managerShe works in a company She managespeople 25. She works in astore / supermarket Shes a cashier She registers things (objects) 26. Shes housewife Shes works at home Shes takes care of her family 27. Shes a bankteller She works in a . She gives money to people 28. Hes a . He works at the police station He protects people 29. Shes a . She teaches. She works at a 30. Match the occupation with the daily activity. 31. 32. 33. 1.This is Minnie Rivers. That is Mr. Lewis .