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Web Analytics with Google Analytics.Tools, Features, Goal Tracking, Reporting, Online Strategies.


<ul><li>1.Web AnalyticsOverview Hendy IrawanChief Technical Officer Bippohendy@bippo.co.idwww.bippo.co.id</li></ul> <p>2. Agenda Introduction Tools Google Analytics Features Goal Tracking Reporting General Reports Custom Reports Determining onlinestrategies 3. Web Analytics Website Rank Grade New vs Repeat TrafficVisitors Leads Effectiveness by Channel Customers Traffic by Keywords Customer AcquisitionCost 4. Ranking / Grading Google Search Facebook likes Alexa Twitter followerswww.alexa.com +1s Google Trends forWebsiteshttp://trends.google.com/websites 5. Tools Google Analyticswww.google.com/analytics Google Webmaster Bing Webmaster FeedBurner Alexa 6. Google Analyticswww.google.com/analytics FREE integration with Google Products AdWords near real-time reporting 7. Cara Tracking Web Property ID: MeasureUA-1301435-10 Test(Bippo) Measure Put HTML code onwebsite Test ... Done??? Measure Test ... 8. WordPress Plugin 9. Dashboard 10. Dashboard 11. Features Site Usage Adwords integration Visitor analysis Internal Site Search Traffic Sources Benchmarking Map Overlay Funnel visualization Content analysis Campaigns Goal Tracking 12. Visitors 13. Traffic Sources 14. Map Overlay 15. Goal Tracking 16. URL Tracking Google Analytics URL Builderhttp://bit.ly/googleurlbuilder Contoh: logo Bippo di kanan bawah ;-) 17. URL Tracking 18. Online Strategies Traffic Strategy Content Strategy Effective sources? Effective keywords? Effective channels? WARNING: tradesecret! Customer Acquisition Effective socialStrategynetworks? Effective landing Effective viralpages?marketing tactics? Effective funnels?Is it effective ... ? Effective ads? 19. Tweaking Keywords Social Media On-page SEO Facebook Conversions Twitter Others!!! (Kaskus, ...) Landing pages Content Strategy Email marketing 20. Terima Kasih Hendy IrawanChief Technical Officer Bippohendy@bippo.co.idwww.bippo.co.id </p>


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