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Ways to Help Them GET IT!

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Text of Ways to Help Them GET IT!

  • 1. The Goal of All Communication Written, Spoken or Visual is the same. We want the recipients, as quickly as possible to . . .
  • 2. Get It! They may not agree with everything. They may not agree with anything. But, unless the GET IT!, there cant be a meaningful conversation going forward.
  • 3. Three Proven Ways to have them remember your message and GET IT!
  • 4. #1 LAW OF PRIMACY AND RECENCY " Have a Strong Opening " Have a Strong Closing The audience will remember the rst and last things you say, more the last thing.
  • 5. #2 SOMETHING UNUSUAL " We recall things that break a pattern and that are unusual.
  • 6. #3 REPETITION " Repeat - Repeat - Repeat " Present the same material in different ways and theyll GET IT!
  • 7. Fred E. Miller Writer - Speaker - Coach Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Contact 314-517-8772 [email protected]