Wallpapers a good way to make your desktop eye catching

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<ul><li><p>WALLPAPERS a good way to make your desktop eye-catching </p><p>What is wallpaper? </p><p>Desktop wallpaper is the image or graphic that is displayed at the back of computer screen once all </p><p>programs are closed. Some people also leave the desktop screen blank, filling it with a solid color. Some </p><p>people also use the default backgrounds images that provided by the package, like an emblem, a </p><p>photograph, or abstract style design. There are also some people that put their personalized images in </p><p>the background of the computer. </p><p>What are types of positions for placing the wallpaper? </p><p>Typically, a wallpaper image displaying position can be focused, stretched, or tiled. Once a picture is </p><p>focused, it's placed within the middle of the desktop and is enclosed by a solid color. If the picture is </p><p>stretched, it's stretched to hide the entire desktop. Only certain HD quality images should be stretched </p><p>or else they will appear distorted. When an image is displayed in the form small rectangular or square </p><p>reputation of that image then the image is said to be the tiled image. Tiling option should be used when </p><p>using patterns for the background rather than images because pattern when repeats itself across and </p><p>down the screen, effectively forms one image. Operating system provides many pre-loaded wallpaper </p><p>pictures for the users to decide from. Some Users also download from the internet and install </p><p>downloaded wallpapers and use them as background. </p><p> Another option for spicing up your desktop wallpaper is to go to websites that focus on providing Free </p><p>Download HD Wallpapers. These sites provide Free Download HD Wallpapers quality wallpapers up to </p><p>1080 pixels. These wallpapers are awesome in terms of image quality and make you desktop look good </p><p>and eye catching and also refresh your mind while working on computer. These wallpapers are provided </p><p>free of cost and can be downloaded very easily without registration or subscription fees. </p><p> You can also set the Free Download HD Wallpapers in the form of slide show so that your backgrounds </p><p>keep on shuffling automatically. </p></li></ul>