Voice deepening for female to male transsexual how to deepen your voice

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  • 1. HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/public-speaking-articles/voice-deepening-for-female-to-male-transsexual-how-to-deepen-your-voice-2164952.html"Voice Deepening for Female to Male Transsexual - How to Deepen Your Voice?
    Are you a female to male transsexual and want to have a deeper voice? Do you want to quickly transform your voice to masculine voice so it sounds really deep and manly? Well, as may already know, so many other female to male transsexual just take testosterone to help them get a masculine voice tone. But you should know that there are so many side effects caused by the use of testosterone. Some people even say that the side effects are worst than having a high pitched girl voice.
    Another bad thing about the use of testosterone for your deep voice needs is that it takes so much time before you can start seeing any meaningful results on your voice. There are other deep voice training tips you can use to try deepening your voice faster and quicker. Methods those are both safe and very effective.
    1- Talk quieter. If you get really excited and start talking loudly, you might start getting -higher in your voice. Also, think before you speak. Make your voice a little scratchy to block out the high-ness.
    2- You can try talking in a deeper tone, but that would probably get old fast. The moment you stop thinking about it, your voice will go back to its normal pitch. Just relax about it.
    3- The best way however, to get a deep and sexy voice masculine voice is by joining this great voice training program: The Deep Voice Mastery. This program has help many people round the world, including leading female to male transsexual, to get the deep, strong masculine voice they need so as to make their change really noticeable.
    Do you want to naturally deepen your voice using some safe, simple yet very effective voice deepening techniques?
    Click here: The Deep Voice Mastery Guide, to read more about this voice training program and how it can help you.


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