Virtually Speaking: Career Fairs Go Online

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We’ve been talking about virtual for a long time, but what was once a popular theme for Science Fiction is now a reality. Today, we see more and more traditional career events – job fairs, career fairs and open houses – being moved to the online space.In this webinar: * We will examine some of the virtual formats that have been used in the past and are currently being utilized by top companies and media outlets alike * We will discuss hybrid (physical and virtual) fairs * We will also look at the future for virtual career fairs * We will highlight the different features that can be found at these innovative eventsThe career fair has always been an ideal opportunity for candidates and employers to meet, exchange ideas, information and to discuss opportunities.We’ll look at how these virtual fairs endeavor to embody all of these integral aspects of the traditional career fair while providing an augmented experience – for candidate and employer alike – compliments of modern technology.

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  • 1. Virtually Speaking: Career Fairs Go Online
    Presented by:
    Mike Vogel
    Director, Shaker Virtual Events
    Daniel Espino
    Vice President, People at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

2. Different formats over the years
Long-term/passive optional chat
Second Life
Social Media
Web Conference
3. What is a Virtual Career Fair today?
Same benefits as a
Physical Career Fair
Exhibitor Booths
Recruiter Interaction
4. What goes on at Virtual Career Fairs
Seekers Can:
Recruiters Can:
5. Benefits for Candidates
Convenient and hassle-free
Access to information and decision-makers
Clear record of activities at the fair
No cost
Opportunity to put their best foot forward
6. Benefits for Exhibitors
Reduced Cost
Easier Logistics
Records and reporting of activity
Efficient screening tool
Ability to proactively seek out candidates
Clear Metrics
7. Why go Virtual?
Meet demands for an innovative alternative to physical job fairs
Extension of Social Media
Increases branding
Extends market reach
Extensive metrics and reporting
8. Virtual Career Fair Marketing
Social Media
Direct Email
Search Engine Marketing
Digital/Interactive Ads
Public Relations
9. Case Studies
10. KPMG Virtual Career Fair
KPMG Virtual Job Fair Draws
KPMG, a network of firms providing audit, tax and advisory service, held a 48-hour virtual jobs fair in September that drew 20,000 registrants and generated 9,300 applications for jobs at 45 KPMG member firms representing over 40 countries. It followed an internal event that drew almost 5,000 KPMG employees and partners from 104 countries.
Source:Joey Seiler,, November 18, 2008
11. Procter & Gamble Virtual Career Fair
Event in Western Europe
P&G have held multiple events
Over 850 attendees
Close to 230 company representatives able to attend
12. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a new luxury resort in Las Vegas, NV
Prior to opening in 2010, they had 5,000+ openings
Sought innovative way to engage candidates
Needed an event that would reflect their core values and unique outlook
Wanted the event to be accessible for local and national candidates alike
13. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: The Microsite
14. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: The Landing Page
15. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Exhibit Hall
16. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Inside the Booths
17. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Networking Lounge
18. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Auditorium
19. The Results
Over 6,000 Registrants
Over 3,000 Attendees
Thousands of chats, emails and job applications generated
Daniel E. Espino, Vice President, People at The Cosmopolitan, had this to say about the fair:
This was a great opportunity to let applicants talk with recruiters in a more comfortable environment.
Whats good for the community is good for us. And we had a lot of fun doing this.
A candidate remarked, I just heard about the virtual career fair this morning and this is just mind blowing. AWESOME.
20. Key to hosting a successful Virtual Career Fair
Partner with an experienced and trusted provider in virtual fairs
Plan for your fair no less than 2 months in advance
Identify who your Target Audience is/develop your fair marketing strategy early
Rally the troops within....from top to bottom
Analyze your fair metrics to shorten your timeto hire and evaluate your ROI
21. Future of Virtual Career Fairs
Increased use of video and webcam
More interactive presentations
Augmented Social Media integration
Streamlined connectivity to existing databases and ATS
Higher participation due to increased awareness and experience with the format
Wider diversity of virtual fair formats
22. Thank you & Questions
Mike Vogel
Shaker Virtual Events
Daniel Espino
Vice President
People at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
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