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Social Media Marketing and Start-ups & SMEs.

Social Media Marketing

Start-ups & SMEWHO AM I?LinkedIn30 yearsStart Ups x 5SMEsWHY AM I HERE?Real world contextProfessionalism Cut the BSTraditional media expertsThere are no SM experts / Gurus = CharlatanUse By Date

TOMORROWGOOGLE algorithmsNew media Periscope / MeerkatAppsTechnology - AppleWatchNews cycles - NepalFUTURE PROOFKnow your craft and its contextWhich tool for which jobExpect tools to evolve or irrelevantBeing a spade expert doesnt make you a farmerTruth Respect, Seek, TellAuthentic & sustainableThe medium is the messageCONTENTCONTENTSSocial is not marketingMarketing is not socialMessages and empathyEmpathy needs effortEffort is effectiveLISTENSlideshare / LinkedInRead quickly No time for notesListen carefullyContent will not be comprehensive, will oversimplify, be opinionatedThink of questions to ask

1. Social Media / Social Networking / Social Media Marketing1. SOCIALAdjectiverelating to society or its organizationneeding companionship and therefore best suited to living in communitiesNounan informal gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.1. SOCIALThe internet is filled with millions of individuals who are looking to meet other people, to gather and share first-hand information and experiences

Social Networking began as a way for people to self publish their personal ideas and communicate with others. Youve heard of Web 2.0 right?1. SOCIALPeople communicated on the Internet with others in Chat rooms of like minded others a long time before bloggingSocial networking is a phrase describing the interaction of individuals in specific groups1. SOCIALFacebooks success (in growth not profit) is built on a human need for people to share their personalities, egos and dreams in order to build bigger tribes. Hence social.1. SOCIALThen along came marketers to exploit this. They realized, valued, exploited this because here were tribes they could use as portals to access opportunities to change individuals attitudes, behaviours and values: Advertise too!1. SOCIALOnce a social group is identified and leveraged it stops being a Network and becomes a Medium.Social Media are channels for outsiders to communicate with those insideBeing Social isnt Marketing 2. Context of Marketing2. WHAT IS MARKETINGSuccessful marketing identifies a specific human need, develops a thing that.

Marketing is the design and delivery of a thing people want.2. WHAT IS MARKETING

2. WHAT IS MARKETINGProductPricePlacePeoplePhysical EvidenceProcessesPromotionAdvertisingDirect MailPublic RelationsExhibitionsSponsorshipOnlineWebEmailSEMSEOCPMAffiliatesOutreachSocial

MARKETING IS HUGESocial is small3. MESSAGE = EMPATHY3. MESSAGE = EMPATHYEmpathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person's frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another's shoes.

See your message from your target audiences point of view.3. MESSAGE = EMPATHYStart Up & SME Audiences POVA world apart

START UPSStart Ups have different business prioritiesThey need cash Cash flow is King, not content. Start Ups need frequent injections of revenue in order to surviveThey need to develop audiences

START UPSStart-ups understand that their audiences have no awareness, no perceptions, no need for the product in their lives. Whats in it for me.They need to develop an empathySTART UPSMarketing on social channels is an opportunity to create awareness generate perceptions get to know them by asking, learn, and if necessary pivot on product benefits, price and distribution. EmpathySTART UPSStart Ups need to generate noise, noise and more noise. They usually have no money so they need to work hard.

START UPSSocial being free is an ideal tool to use at the beginning, but it does require investment in time.16 hour days, seven days a week. Theyre responsible for everything that is said, or not said.Theyre responsible for growing their empathy

SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISESSMEs should understand their audiences better. Otherwise theyd not be in business. So social is an opportunity to build relationships or answer questions Reflect that empathySMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISESSMEs have employees, employees work 9-5. Need systems and procedures to protect strategy, manage responses, do other stuff that reflects the empathySMEs have a buffer under normal circumstances and can be a little more relaxed on a day to day basis.

MEDIUM > MESSAGEStart UpsTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, InstagramPinterest, G+, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Meerkat, PeriscopeSMEsTV, Billboards, Press etc etc

ContextMaturity MattersMedium MattersMessage MattersGrowing or reflecting empathy 4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORT4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTThere are no shortcuts. A sustainable brand strategy has three key pillars: The brand The audienceYour competitors

4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTTo know your audience better than they know themselves is hard work.They are constantly shifting their expectations, needs and wants, dependent on experiences with the brand, the category, with other categories and your competition

4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTNever assume the competition is standing still either. Competition is the enemy. The enemy hate losing. Imagine being in their shoes. What would you do if you were them? Whats the worst thing they could do?

4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTSo assuming you have huge empathy for the audience, huge empathy for the competition and your ready to strategise, what is a brand?PurposePrinciplesPositioningPropositionPersonality4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTThis is not flicking off quick posts 3 times a weekThis is not knowing the difference between Instagram and Vine. This is not setting up Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, and scheduling posts.

4. EMPATHY NEEDS EFFORTSegment by segmentIt requires researchIt requires insight It requires executing an idea that will intrude on peoples perceptions and create new ones, grow existing ones or sustain themIt requires effortThink / Act slowly, deliberately, meticulously, maniacally.

Its requires cognitive effort. 6. Effort is effective

6. EFFORT IS EFFECTIVEStrategy is hard. Growing long-term sustainable competitive advantages again and again and again is hard work.Preparation, perspiration, perseverance.


6. EFFORT IS EFFECTIVELikes, Shares, Pins, Retweets, +1, Comments value is relative - unless there is proof that these had an effect on the real measure of successUsage / Frequency / Sales / Share / Margin / Profit / ROI / Footfall / Average sale valueTurnover is vanity. Profit is sanity.Effort is everything

Case 1 - TelstraTelstra

TelstraRob Campbell - APAC Planning Director, Weiden + KennedyYes, I know its a social media post, but its still an ad.Something that is supposedly created to help cultivate or encourage a commercially beneficially change of attitude or behaviour with a specific audience for a specific brand.TelstraThe headline is shit.The premise of the headline is shit.The language used in the headline is shit.The picture is shit.The call to action of NEW PHONE. OWN IT. is shit.TelstraIn a World where the ability to connect and engage with an audience is almost constant, brands need to understand the secret to building some sort of audience value is knowing when to use that right as opposed to trying to brainwash them with meaningless shit like this.TelstraFor them, effectiveness is not about return, its about hypothetical value which they will say is calculated by financial outlay, divided by potential audience size which is handy, because this sort of work is going to achieve them absolute zero return.Telstra


Case 2 Real Madrid

ComparisonTelstra 178,000 FansPost Likes 16 / 178,000E / R 0.009%Real Madrid 1,200,000 FansPost Likes 255,000 / 1.2ME / R 21%

Tribe v Not a tribeSummarySUMMARYBeing social isnt marketing Marketing isnt social, its HUGEMessaging = relative empathyEmpathy needs maniacal effortEffort is everything



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