Using Linkedin Groups for keeping updated on Compensation topics

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I show you how to use the Discussions feature of LinkedIn Groups, but also the "Follow" aspect for Group members. Use it for keeping up to date with what interests your peers. This presentation is part of the Sunday Skills section of my blog I write 3 times per week on various C&B, Performance Management, Global Mobility and Governance topics, and you can subscribe to receive it by email or by RSS reader so you don't miss my articles. Given that I am based in Abu Dhabi I try to give it a Middle East approach from time to time, but trust that the topics and ideas will remain relevant no matter what your regional responsibilities are.

Text of Using Linkedin Groups for keeping updated on Compensation topics

  • 2. The situation You have already set up a stream of targeted incoming RSS feeds to your Reader as well as specific Alerts on topics you want to keep informed of. Another obvious area to search is LinkedIn Answers, but with over 150 million members, surely there are other ways for you to use LinkedIn to know what is going on in your profession ? Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 3. The solution You are a member of targeted LinkedIn groups that cater to your specific areas of interest, in our case Compensation, Benefits, Recognition, global Mobility, Governance. Use Discussions and the Follow feature as two additional sources of ideas and information Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 4. Use Discussions in the Group Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 5. Enter the Group and select adiscussion from the first page Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 6. Use Search to find relevantdiscussions Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 7. Click on a Discussion > More >Reply privately Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 8. or simply scroll to the bottom andenter your comment Unclick the button if you dont want to receive future comments on this discussion Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 9. Use the Moresection of theGroup Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 10. See all recent updates in the Group(new members, discussions, comments and likes) Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 11. More > Your activity part I Check updates on discussions you started, joined or follow Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 12. More > Your activity part II Click on People youre following and you will see all of them not just the ones that you follow and are in the same LinkedIn Group as you. By default you follow all your 1st degree connections, plus any group member that you wish even if you are not directly connected. Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 13. In your Groups, who to follow ? Influencers, the ones that participate actively to the Group The people asking questions on topics of specific interest to you Journalists, writers etc Providers Peers in your industry or your country Your competitors if you are a provider. Sandrine Bardot and 2012
  • 14. What happens when you followthem ? You see their activities displayed on the stream of Updates on your LinkedIn home page You can choose to receive an email for all their activity (not recommended if they are very active or if you follow a lot of people). You can see their recent activity from your list of all people you follow. Establish relationship, ask for advice, comment on their achievements. And get invaluable free support Bardot and 2012 Sandrine
  • 15. Want to know more ? On my blog, I share Excel, social media, presentation and other useful technical tips for Compensation & Benefits and HR professionals, every other Sunday. I also cover C&B topics and career advice the rest of the week. Feel free to check it out and subscribe by email or RSS. Find out more about me and why I started this blog. Sandrine Bardot and 2012