Useful Tricks For Awesome "Thank You!" Pages

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Check out 10 strategic solutions aimed at helping you create amazing Thank You pages that really work for your clients


  • 1.Useful Tricks For Awesome Thank You! Pages Congratulations! You have a new customer who has just purchased from you. Are you doing the happy dance or what? Well, while youre jumping around in ecstasy, that client of yours might have a couple of unanswered questions. And I can bet that Now what? is somewhere at the top. So, how do you really say thank you to your customers? How do you really show them how happy you are and how appreciative? How do you make them like you and come again to buy from you?Lets see what are some of the best tips for awesome Thank You pages:p. 1

2. 1. Say thanks and a bit moreYou know how its always a good idea to give your clients what they expect, plus some extra surprises? After the purchase dont forget to actually thank them for their purchase. Now is a good time to let them know how to contact you: your contact page, a contact email or a phone number where they can reach you. 2. Use A Call to ActionThey bought from you, now what? Guide users on your website by suggesting other things they can do. For example, let them know of other similar products to the one they bought, or inform them about your special offers. Do all these using a powerful and convincing Call To Action and, if possible, direct links or buttons to those special pages. 3. Are they following you on social media?If not, this is a perfect opportunity for you to guide them on those social media profiles where you are most active. Social media platforms are extensively used by people to report problems or ask for advice, so, for businesses, they act as a customer service. Its great to know that your clients can follow you online and that you can interact with them on a more personal level. So dont shy away from telling them to join you on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest or YouTube. 4. Clear guidelines, explained step by stepThis point is important for opt in offers. Each time someone opts in to join your mailing list, they are usually guided to a Thank You page.p. 2 3. If your opt in process consists of more steps such as a double opt in, let people know that theyve completed Step 1, and Step 2 will follow. For example: theyve given you their name and email address (in Step 1), but now they have to confirm their subscription (Step 2). Explain how they can do that: Thanks for joining our community! Were almost there: all you need to do is check your inbox weve sent you an email with a verification link. Once you verify your email, you will be included in our subscription list. 5. Guide people to other pages on your websiteThis is a bit similar to what I said in point 2: if you know you have some amazing pages on your website, some awesome offers, or if you want to give buyers a bonus the Thank You page is really your chance to shine! Think about it thoroughly: what is it that you want people to do next after they purchase from you? 6. Tell them what happens next: should they expect something from you?On the same note as point 5: depending on what happens next, let people know that it will happen. If you have a special offer for their opt in, let them know when they will received it. Is it a PDF? A presentation? A video tutorial? A 101 call? Tell them whats coming their way and when it will come. 7. Use visual elements to show off your personalityI always recommend business owners to include a photo or illustration that is representative to their business. Not only does a photo inspire trust and professionalism, it also shows off your business culture, your personality.p. 3 4. So if you want people to remember you next time they want to make a purchase, be different. A photo is a great way of building up that know-like-trust factor. 8. Up-sell or cross-sellShould you up-sell on your Thank You page? Of course, if the offer you are giving away is worth peoples time! More about upselling and cross-selling here. 9. In case of a purchase, include an optin form (preferably with a discount)So weve talked about opting in to your email subscription list. But what if a new customer who has just bought from you is not subscribed to your emails? Well, then here is a good opportunity to include an optin form on your Thank You page. 10. Dont overwhelm people with too much informationI presented you with 9 types of content that you can include on your Thank You page. You dont have to use them all. Prioritise. Before you set off to create a Thank You Page, think about your goals: What are you trying to achieve with this page?What do you want people to do next?Thank you! pages are a great means of showing your gratitude. But they are also a practical way of guiding your visitors on your website. Dont forget that sale is not your end goal; building a relationship with your clients is. Because, you know, thats how they come back to you.p. 4 5. Now is your turn: Do you have a Thank You page on your website?Which of these elements did you include on the page? Why?Are they working?How could you improve your Thank You page?Well talk more in the Comments section belowp. 5