UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa--One more Look

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  1. 1. UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa--One more Look Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd. |
  2. 2. Summary UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa is quite a popular category and especially for those with progressive innovative business ideas. |
  3. 3. As the Greece has been declared bankrupt people have started losing faith in many European countries. The fall of Greece economy is likely to affect the economy of other European countries, such as Portugal, Spain and Italy. And it will take some time before the economy becomes strong again. The result is the movement of immigrants towards these European Countries has slowed down even as many people have started looking for an alternative, especially if they wish to invest. The UK is one such country that is still completely unaffected by the Greece economic fall. It is seen as a major influencing economic force along with Hungary, France, Poland and Germany to help stand the European economy. |
  4. 4. Serious investors who wish to make a safe investment are now showing a growing interest in the UK via Entrepreneur Tier1 Visa. To draw more investors, the UK Government is proffering them lucrative benefits, such as low and simple tax payment policy; minimum restrictions; attractive compensations, both social and economic; and a friendly attitude towards foreign investors. |
  5. 5. Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa It is basically a point based category, and free of regular formalities such as experience and education qualification. All you need is to have minimum education qualification and should be proficient in English language demonstrated by language test such as the IELTS. Initially, the visa is issued for three years and four months which can be further extended, if the need arises for the same. |
  6. 6. Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Requirements Some major requirements under the category are as follow: You must be a non citizen of Switzerland and European Economic Area (EEA). You must have at least Bachelors or Masters Degree recognized by the UK government with an innovative business plan. To become eligible, you must score at least 95 points. You must be above 18 at the time of submitting your application. You must be financially sound to support yourself while you set up a business in the country. |
  7. 7. There are two different investment categories to choose from--50,000 Pounds and 200,000 Pounds. If you intend to invest 50,000 Pounds You must agree to live and work in the country as a Permanent Resident. In the last three months you must have registered yourself as a companys Managing Director, or are self-employed with the Majestys Revenue and Customs. You have been given permission under the Tier 1 Post Study Work category to live and work in the nation. You are actively involved in various business activities clearly mentioned on the National Qualification Frame Work with level 4 or above. |
  8. 8. Whereas if you intend to invest 200,000 Pounds You should have minimum of one company legally registered with the Financial Services Authority. You are the receipt of one or many grants granted by the government or various governmental departments Or else At least one if not more funding competitions should be legally endorsed in the UK trade and investment website |
  9. 9. If you have made up your mind to invest in the UK, via the Entrepreneur Tier1 Visa, then for surely you have made a right choice. The best thing about the visa is that it is processed quickly even as the processing is simple and transparent. Source: articles/uk-entrepreneur-tier-1-visa-one-more-look-7301831.html |
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